Is There a “NO BULLYING” Clause in Your Policy

As I help companies develop policies for Social Media Behavior it seems the first one needs to deal with bullying. It is pretty easy to do online these days. With new platforms coming up, sharing of posts, videos and more it is easy to make someone’s life a mess. More reason to have a policy in place. In the olden days it was called a […]

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Flipboard – Instagram

I have created around 60 flipboards. About a dozen are much more active as I come across stories related to the board. This one is on Instagram a social media platform that continues to grow in popularity and notice. If your business doesn’t have a presence here you are missing out big time. Every business can be on Instagram! My Instagram Fliboard is here.

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Five Funny Marketing Campaigns

These five campaigns will leave you laughing, especially after you read how much traffic and sales were generated. You have to think out of the box and let it loose sometimes. The article is here. Remember duplication can work, just tie it to your business. 5 Hilarious Content Marketing Campaigns With Great Results

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Social Media Manager Skills

Lately I have been asked to talk about the Social Media Manager skills list. In other words what does a Social Media Manager need to know how to do or understand. To begin with the title of “Social Media Manager “ is quite interesting, as a few years ago it didn’t really exists in that form, or name. The CIO the person that was given […]

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Instagram Graphic – 14 Tips and Tricks

While going through some emails some one sent this link to this graphic. I saved it, but could not locate the exact page again. So here is the link to the blog. and.. here is the graphic Enjoy…

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How to Recreate Your Favorite Instagram Filters in Photoshop

If you like the Instagram look, and would like to apply it to those other photos you have stored on your hard disk then you are in luck. Step by step instructions using Photoshop are here. If you get really creative or spend a little time I am thinking you might even get away with using GIMP to do some of this. I’d love to […]

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Three Years Later Instagram is a HIT!

It took Instagram three years to get to where they are. Not bad at all, a with their App on all mobile platforms things will only improve. Many businesses are now using Instagram as part of their Social Media and Marketing presence. Here is the story in detail.

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