Being All Over is Important, Targeting Even More So

I mentioned in my 3G, Got:Give:Get, the other day at Eliances that while having a presences on all the biggie Social Platforms, LinkedIN, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat and Pinterest you should only focus on a couple. Get those two working really well, then expand. Not all of them are a perfect fit for your business but having a small presence is ok. What […]

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Social Media Manager Skills

Lately I have been asked to talk about the Social Media Manager skills list. In other words what does a Social Media Manager need to know how to do or understand. To begin with the title of “Social Media Manager “ is quite interesting, as a few years ago it didn’t really exists in that form, or name. The CIO the person that was given […]

Read Me Colossal Fail on Redo

My article on LinkedIn regarding the failed release of the new website. So many things done wrong and some never implemented.

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Rules of the Internet (The Secret Ones)

Wait, there are rules on the Internet? You can just post, and post, and reply and add to this and that? Its an amazing article and worth a read most definitely. You might want the pitcher (yes pitcher) of martinis to sip on, but its loaded with great content. The article is here. Now remember its actually SECRET rules, and they do go back a […]

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New Article Posted on LinkedIn

I just posted an article on Jing and GIMP to the LinkedIN article areas. You can find it here Two great tools that should be at a click’s reach. It will make like very simple when creating new content.

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