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Tactics for Overcoming Social Difficulties

DSC_1106_3Sometime this Social Media stuff is baffling and keeping up with it is even tougher. It however is not much different than in the olden days, before all the Facebooks, Twitters and YouTubes. It involved planning and know where to put your ad, or what luncheons to sit in on or even the clubs or social gatherings to attend. Its not much different today except that there are many more places to do the preceding mentioned. And the frequency is sometimes way overboard. That’s where some planing and scheduling comes into play.

The article (http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/3-social-media-tactics-for-businesses-that-struggle-with-social/_ presents three area the quick call to action, breakout of items which guide you to a niche and a live video once in a while with question and answer opportunity. All three are pretty useful to generate new clients. The main thing to remember is no matter which you chose you need to repeat and than repeat again.

One final, no matter what: ASK FOR THE ORDER.

Snapchat – Is It Growing and Useful?

screen-of-an-iphoneSnapchat started out to be a secretive, say once and then disappear app that was fun for the “kids”. You could post whatever video, and it would be gone once opened. So no record of what you said or posted. You also could not save any posts, so the guilty were set free. Well someone did make an app that allowed you to save any Snapchat, and also businesses found that these “kids” had money so why not Snapchat about your business. That is what this article is about.

But here is the new deal, as the big guys (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram) change up and add features all the time. With the new LIVE from Facebook one has to wonder where you should put your efforts in video. Facebook has a built in older audience, and they have bucks. As well as their Pages area where in my opinion every business should be. So take a look at both. Other questions to ask along the way is can these videos be part of your YouTube channel, and as long as I am recording/broadcasting where does Periscope come into play?

40 CSS jQuery Charts and Graphs | Scripts + Tutorials

photo_09Creating graphics, cool graphics with impact along with providing valuable information is what makes may websites pop, as well as return visitors are a frequent occurrence. In the past you had to be an Adobe Illustrator expert with great patience as well as other content at times. Today there are many places where you just plop in the content and the chart is made, you then modify some of the elements to make it work for you.

This CSS-Jquery charts provides a list of 40 such places. Again, some of these will be simple, others will require a bit of work, but the results in any case will be so pretty nest stuff.

109 Minutes Per Day on Social Media Spent

DSC_0510Depending on how many hours you are putting in for a “day’s” work this could mean 20% maybe more. For those counting that’s one and a half hours and bit more. Or think 120 minutes would be two hours.

Depending on what we are doing its really a productive time or a big waste/fun time where your boss may not be that happy. There are many platforms, and many also drive off of others. We can often just login with a Twitter, LinkedIN or Facebook account.

These logins types of logins each have their own benefits as well as potential downfalls. But what it does show is the blending of business, comrades, clients and more together. Something that you need to keep an eye on.

Scalia and Ginsburg – A Business Lesson

DSC_0510I’ve posted a new article on my LinkedIn area about the importance of having a counterpoint friendship and feedback within your organization.

Too often we rely only on our own knowledge or those closely around us. While we may be getting good results they would be better if we examined the other side. This is something Justice Scalia did very well when discussing issues with his colleagues. I should also add that I rarely agreed with the way the Justice voted, but know it would of been a great experience debating the issue at hand.

I humbly present the article, Scalia and Ginsburg – A Business Lesson .

Localize Your WordPress

DSC_0510Your WordPress website looks sharp and you are generating views. The theme is perfect and you even have another waiting for the next rollout. But is it attracting the eyes you want. Sometimes we want more local and so there are tweaks to be made.

This article goes into step by step details on what is needed. It starts with your content and goes from there. If you need any help with these or putting together the plan let me know.

When I die, who will get my tweets?

So who gets what when you die is something we think about now and then. This article, from a while back, talks about all that other stuff you may not think about..like tweets, domains, all that fun stuff.