Social Media Manager Skills

Lately I have been asked to talk about the Social Media Manager skills list. In other words what does a Social Media Manager need to know how to do or understand. To begin with the title of “Social Media Manager “ is quite interesting, as a few years ago it didn’t really exists in that form, or name. The CIO the person that was given […]

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The $5 Million Super Bowl Ad (updated post Super Bowl)

Is the Super Bowl ad really worth $5 million? That is the hot question every time around the Super Bowl. After all you are going to have the largest viewing audience of all time . That’s what they say time in and time out. The audience is also worldwide. Its a captive audience for the most part sitting in that recliner, on the couch, on […]

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It is About the Story

Howard Schultz made a great move a few years back. He knew to tell a story. He also knew the story needed a plan, a good script that would grow all by itself. The story needs to have good things that will interest people and keep that interest for a long time. Also important is the ability to share this story and to share it […]

Read Me Colossal Fail on Redo

My article on LinkedIn regarding the failed release of the new website. So many things done wrong and some never implemented.

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Watching and Listening Social Media Tools

Do you know what is being said about you or your company on social media? With all the sites and channels it can be quite the challenge to get the scoop about what the scoop is about you or your place. These five tools should help out with that endeavor. Most have a trial of some sorts, in fact there’s a short write up about […]

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Free Stuff, Lots of It

One of my goals for this website has always been to share resources especially if they are FREE. There are a boatload of things from O’reilly, and many are very worthwhile getting. The link is here. There is some related content, freebies here also. These are from OpenCulture. Please share which you liked the most or used.

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Must Have Apps

The rapid deployment of apps today makes it a must to know what to have on your desktop as well as your mobile devices. In fact that may be one way to judge an app is their availability on both platforms. Lifehacker has always been great at finding these tools and then listing them This list of 50 is pretty amazing, and I was amazed […]

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