Must Have Apps

The rapid deployment of apps today makes it a must to know what to have on your desktop as well as your mobile devices. In fact that may be one way to judge an app is their availability on both platforms. Lifehacker has always been great at finding these tools and then listing them This list of 50 is pretty amazing, and I was amazed […]

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Tactics for Overcoming Social Difficulties

Sometime this Social Media stuff is baffling and keeping up with it is even tougher. It however is not much different than in the olden days, before all the Facebooks, Twitters and YouTubes. It involved planning and know where to put your ad, or what luncheons to sit in on or even the clubs or social gatherings to attend. Its not much different today except […]

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Snapchat – Is It Growing and Useful?

Snapchat started out to be a secretive, say once and then disappear app that was fun for the “kids”. You could post whatever video, and it would be gone once opened. So no record of what you said or posted. You also could not save any posts, so the guilty were set free. Well someone did make an app that allowed you to save any […]

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40 CSS jQuery Charts and Graphs | Scripts + Tutorials

Creating graphics, cool graphics with impact along with providing valuable information is what makes may websites pop, as well as return visitors are a frequent occurrence. In the past you had to be an Adobe Illustrator expert with great patience as well as other content at times. Today there are many places where you just plop in the content and the chart is made, you […]

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109 Minutes Per Day on Social Media Spent

Depending on how many hours you are putting in for a “day’s” work this could mean 20% maybe more. For those counting that’s one and a half hours and bit more. Or think 120 minutes would be two hours. Depending on what we are doing its really a productive time or a big waste/fun time where your boss may not be that happy. There are […]

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Scalia and Ginsburg – A Business Lesson

I’ve posted a new article on my LinkedIn area about the importance of having a counterpoint friendship and feedback within your organization. Too often we rely only on our own knowledge or those closely around us. While we may be getting good results they would be better if we examined the other side. This is something Justice Scalia did very well when discussing issues with […]

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Localize Your WordPress

Your WordPress website looks sharp and you are generating views. The theme is perfect and you even have another waiting for the next rollout. But is it attracting the eyes you want. Sometimes we want more local and so there are tweaks to be made. This article goes into step by step details on what is needed. It starts with your content and goes from […]

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