Report: Netflix and YouTube Account for Half of Internet’s Traffic

A recent report shows that we tend to watch a lot of YouTube and NetFlix on the Net. In fact its over 50% of the traffic in North America. The report was found as part of a Mashable story. But it leads me to believe that we also like to create content. Netflix had, according to the article just over 31% of that downstream. Which means that we watched a whole lot of YouTube and someone had to create it.

Today’s setup is not hard at all, and many users simple point and record, and often just themselves. No studio needed or desired. The editing of video has also become quite easy with a plethora of apps on both iPhone and Android. Now some people will say that a lot of the YouTube videos are just silly drunk people capturing the moment. While there is certainly a share of that there are also vast amounts of educational, how tos and abouts on YouTube. While some of these may not always be entirely accurate many have also launched people’s careers or fame.

The Mashable article is here. There are some related articles there also.

The # – Where it Came From

Back in 2007 someone used a “#” to make note, and to attempt to group together comments on a specific topic on Twitter. While somewhat annoying, and it consume some of the 140 character limit it stuck and took off. Today, while still annoying, it is the premier way we group thing in Twitter and is attempting to get into Facebook, LinkedIN and other Social News spreaders. It is the way we search for things that we are looking for or current events being blogged or SMS or Tweeted about. The chart is really quite well done, and there are some other thoughts by the author to consider.

The article History Graphic are here.

New Lorem Ipsum Generator for Digital Agencies

So... care to comment?This is the solution for all who need to plunk down some text, maybe paragraphs of text to see what it will look like after all the formatting. Lets face it most designers just want the words so that can fiddle with the look. But until now they are stuck with what is called Lorem Ipsum text. The text that is basically just a bunch of Latin words that really have no meaning. This new generator actually creates full sentences and then string them together. Some sentences are long, others are short. They make absolutely no sense but they work for what they are intended to do.

Want to Prove Your Company Is Human? Get Your CEO to Tweet


A recent article in verified that it is a good idea for CEOs to Tweet and engage in the Social Media world. However they must be the ones to do so. Don’t have someone doing it for them. There is great value in that, and does reflect in the bottom line many times.

But there are a few points all of these folks need to keep in mind. Its nothing that has not been posted here or other sites. To make this work you need to do this:

1) tweet, post on a regular basis. Even if that is only every Tuesday.
2) be genuine and make it “your” post, idea, comment
3) follow up if there are questions, or comments
4) set a time or schedule for #3
5) have fun doing it, people like a “fun” CEO, CMO, etc.
6) don’t lie


French newspaper shows power of photography by removing all images

French newspaper Libération this week removed all images from one of its daily print editions, as part of a statement on the importance of photojournalism at a time when several media outlets are cutting their staff.

My Take: The above photo was of the daily publication put out by a French paper. The interesting part is that it was also the week where a big major photo show was starting. It really shows the impact that images make and one where getting the right image is so important. Today the photographer is often overlooked as so many people are “there” with their smartphone or point and shoot camera. Lost is the appreciation for a well balanced photo, angle of shot or even sharpness in some cases. Appreciate the photographer, just because you know how to apply a few filters, or can use Instagram does not make you a great photographer.

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