Being All Over is Important, Targeting Even More So

I mentioned in my 3G, Got:Give:Get, the other day at Eliances that while having a presences on all the biggie Social Platforms, LinkedIN, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat and Pinterest you should only focus on a couple. Get those two working really well, then expand. Not all of them are a perfect fit for your business but having a small presence is ok.

What makes any of them work is a well designed, maintained and run schedule. A plan for the week, the month and yes even year. Some of this may further break down to a ‘seasonal’ time (Summer), a particular event (SxSW), events (baseball) or maybe just a particular item (new movie release).

Each of these involves social content that your viewers, customers, clients and others want to see, and in many cases if done right are looking forward to. That’s in a large part what I do. I’ll sit down and drill down to what it is that you want to let the world know, that world is by your definition.

The Font of Your Logo, Can Save You Money

So says NetFlix, thus making the change to theirs. The story is here.

Remember this is from a Ad Publication website so they really get into all the curves and shapes and thin lines of the whole thing. I recall when I taught about fonts at the colleges most folks did not know serif from sans-serif and which was easier to read. Today there are thousands of fonts, and a variety of Times and Helvetica two of the big time originals.

Also remember the days of needing to install any special font for the users to see. That’s also when systems began the blout as they came with new upgrades. Quite an interesting history and fun topic.

Apple Maps v Google Maps

I for one have both on my iPhone. Each has its annoying attributes. I am beginning to favor one over the other, but cannot bring myself to deleting the least favorite as all of a sudden an ad or something will make the one unuseable and jump to the other, after all ALL I WANT IS DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO GET SOMEWHERE!!

That all said CNet has listed a few things Apple Maps can do, Google cannot…for now. I haven’t tried them all out, some I could care less like the Lyft option. I’ll let you know if the ‘feature’ comes up. Usually I am in the car and just want, as I said, HOW THE HELL DO I GET THERE!!

Need a Self Hosted VPN, for FREE?

Alphabet’s Outline will now let you do just that, a FREE VPN and it is all self-hosted.

It is a launch product of Jigsaw called Outline. Jigsaw is an incubator which is part of Google’s parent company. Yes, we will all need a big roadmap very soon to keep track of who owns whom and who is related in other ways.

The product runs on Android, Windows and IOs. Setting up is easy and you can grant access to whomever you wish, The only question is where to host it. If you have a server already you are set, or any cloud-based solution will do also. That list is endless: Amazon EC2,Google Cloud are just two. Most charge around $5 for 500GB of traffic. Servers can be located around the world.

There is some argument of who actually invented this, STORY HERE, but give it a go. The Code is also available for those that like to dabble.

If you send one up, and want to share the ease or burden I’d love to hear what you experienced.