Twenty Words or Less to Pitch Your Startup

The attention span of most folks is quite short. That is why videos like those on TED are kept to 12 minutes or under. And those videos are all fascinating and all you want to do after watching one is to watch another. But just speaking, getting the attention of those listening intently can be a challenge. What if you had not a certain time, […]

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Ultimate Design of Site and Brochure

Why now make your brochure match your website. After all the recognized look will attract attention and folks know it is you. There a several fantastically clever designs that do just that. It give your mind ideas and what you can do. So lets see your work!! Share and share alike!!

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G-Mail Can Reply For You

Did you know that g-mail can send a reply for you. It takes a few steps can get things going if you are unable to get to your In Box. After that you can also do some other cool scripting. Add to that a little IFTTT and you can automate a number of things. Just make sure at some point to make the real contact.

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Flipboard – Instagram

I have created around 60 flipboards. About a dozen are much more active as I come across stories related to the board. This one is on Instagram a social media platform that continues to grow in popularity and notice. If your business doesn’t have a presence here you are missing out big time. Every business can be on Instagram! My Instagram Fliboard is here.

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TOOL OF THE DAY: ColorSupply

I recall learning about color in Art Class at Pace Academy. Mrs. Graham taught us about complimentary, and secondary and what happens when you combine certain colors. That was the print world. Today we have the world of ‘light’ and the combinations to make certain colors doesn’t happen as much, but the look of colors next to one another still applies. The colors need to […]

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Review of Project Felix

A review of Adobe’s Project Felix and how to use it to maximum use. Review goes quite into detail. I think that Adobe has figured out how to make money by just offering space. The web software seems to have taken over.

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Five Funny Marketing Campaigns

These five campaigns will leave you laughing, especially after you read how much traffic and sales were generated. You have to think out of the box and let it loose sometimes. The article is here. Remember duplication can work, just tie it to your business. 5 Hilarious Content Marketing Campaigns With Great Results

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