Being All Over is Important, Targeting Even More So

I mentioned in my 3G, Got:Give:Get, the other day at Eliances that while having a presences on all the biggie Social Platforms, LinkedIN, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat and Pinterest you should only focus on a couple. Get those two working really well, then expand. Not all of them are a perfect fit for your business but having a small presence is ok.

What makes any of them work is a well designed, maintained and run schedule. A plan for the week, the month and yes even year. Some of this may further break down to a ‘seasonal’ time (Summer), a particular event (SxSW), events (baseball) or maybe just a particular item (new movie release).

Each of these involves social content that your viewers, customers, clients and others want to see, and in many cases if done right are looking forward to. That’s in a large part what I do. I’ll sit down and drill down to what it is that you want to let the world know, that world is by your definition.

Women in Tech on Twitter to Follow

Twitter tends to be a noisy place and if you follow more than a few hundred your want to see, must see tweets get swept away. Its a flow of text and you tend to miss the stuff you want. The key is to follow smart and these women know there stuff. Its kind of funny we divide up the men and women in today’s world, but we do. So don’t miss out. These 25 women know what’s going on and the information they provide is well worth it!

Happy New Year and FORE!!!

Happy New Year to all, hope this year is great for all concerned.

I came across this article and thought it was a great use of Twitter. Have had an idea using Twitter for the PGA myself for a while. Take a read, this may be fun. And it may bring other ideas to you in your business. As always let me know if I can be of help.

Twitter Star for Monday, March 30, 2015 @SpikedStilettos

With just over 3500 followers this Twitter Star is just growing, A fan of shoes, particularly of the high heel, this account tweets about the fashion world. It also finds many who like to show off their new found heels.

At times funny posts also appears along with a few of its own favorites. After all what woman doesn’t like the Fire Guys (@AFireStation) or a good @TheNightClub to show off those heels.

Twitter to go to 10,000

twitter-logoRumors are that tweets in the future will be up to 10,000 characters. The 140 max will some be dropped according to this article. Which means that people will now pound that keyboard and rant away. And the rants will be much like Facebook posts, some going on endlessly. But there are some good parts to this new format. First, the URLs will no longer need to be shortened so you will have an idea of a) where you are headed and b) a reminder of the actual site. Also added will be the ability to add images which up until recently were links or if you had the right Twitter Manager smaller images or links to them. Either way this will be something new and we’ll have to look at the best way to tweet.

Twitter Star for Friday, March 27, 2015 @TheCoffeeShop

Today’s Twitter Star is @TheCoffeeShop. @TheCoffeeShop tweets about, you guessed it, coffee. Not only that though, they also tweet about local coffeeshops around the world. They sometimes will feature a particular area of the country or type of coffee drink. Today’s coffee beverage has become a craft of sorts and baristas around the country hone their skills to not only make a tasty beverage but an artistic one.

They publish several coffee daily publications – The Grande Latte’ – Coffee Grounds Reports – The Cup o’ Joe Daily

Each has its own slant, but usually all mention some local coffeehouse for your pleasure.

A recent post showed a map of all the coffee chains around the country, an interesting look at the world of java.

A favorite Pinterest board of @theCofffeeShop is

Visit Coffee’s profile on Pinterest.

They frequently work with @aCoffeeGrinder and @TheLocalBar. All of these places serve up tasty beverages.