Being All Over is Important, Targeting Even More So

I mentioned in my 3G, Got:Give:Get, the other day at Eliances that while having a presences on all the biggie Social Platforms, LinkedIN, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat and Pinterest you should only focus on a couple. Get those two working really well, then expand. Not all of them are a perfect fit for your business but having a small presence is ok.

What makes any of them work is a well designed, maintained and run schedule. A plan for the week, the month and yes even year. Some of this may further break down to a ‘seasonal’ time (Summer), a particular event (SxSW), events (baseball) or maybe just a particular item (new movie release).

Each of these involves social content that your viewers, customers, clients and others want to see, and in many cases if done right are looking forward to. That’s in a large part what I do. I’ll sit down and drill down to what it is that you want to let the world know, that world is by your definition.

Instagram Stories Now Allows Older Videos

Great news for all your Instagram Stories folks who like to add video. You can now wait longer than 24 hours to post them. It used to be that once the video was 24 hours old you were out of luck. Unless of course you did the somewhat lengthy workaround. Now you no longer have to worry about that, you can go edit a bit, and then post. This should make for some great videos and creative ones. The article is HERE.

You can also find more information on me here

Five Funny Marketing Campaigns

These five campaigns will leave you laughing, especially after you read how much traffic and sales were generated. You have to think out of the box and let it loose sometimes. The article is here. Remember duplication can work, just tie it to your business.

It is About the Story

Howard Schultz made a great move a few years back. He knew to tell a story. He also knew the story needed a plan, a good script that would grow all by itself. The story needs to have good things that will interest people and keep that interest for a long time. Also important is the ability to share this story and to share it easily. Here is the article. Enjoy.

If you need help constructing your story I can help. A conversation often helps, and then making the plan to tell it if what I do best. Contact me at

StoryTelling Updated

I’ve spent the last few days updating one of the lists/categories on the right. Storytelling has become a big part of today’s social media scene. There are new apps, new websites and more to help you tell your story. These sites come and go. What was at one point a list of close to 100, its been paired down a bit. Each link tested to make sure it at least goes to a live site.

If you are using any, and want to share a link please do. If you have recommendations, suggestions those are welcome also. Finally if something no longer works letting me know will also be appreciated. I hope to have the other lists updated also with new resources to help you achieve your goals. Thanks for visiting.