Instagram Stories Now Allows Older Videos

Great news for all your Instagram Stories folks who like to add video. You can now wait longer than 24 hours to post them. It used to be that once the video was 24 hours old you were out of luck. Unless of course you did the somewhat lengthy workaround. Now you no longer have to worry about that, you can go edit a bit, […]

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Five Funny Marketing Campaigns

These five campaigns will leave you laughing, especially after you read how much traffic and sales were generated. You have to think out of the box and let it loose sometimes. The article is here. Remember duplication can work, just tie it to your business. 5 Hilarious Content Marketing Campaigns With Great Results

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TED – The Danger of a Single Story

Hearing only one story can be a problem as it narrows your viewpoints. Novelist Chimamanda Adichie presents her findings on why the single tale is bad. There are also a few other TEDs related to the storytelling arena. Here is the video.

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The $5 Million Super Bowl Ad (updated post Super Bowl)

Is the Super Bowl ad really worth $5 million? That is the hot question every time around the Super Bowl. After all you are going to have the largest viewing audience of all time . That’s what they say time in and time out. The audience is also worldwide. Its a captive audience for the most part sitting in that recliner, on the couch, on […]

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It is About the Story

Howard Schultz made a great move a few years back. He knew to tell a story. He also knew the story needed a plan, a good script that would grow all by itself. The story needs to have good things that will interest people and keep that interest for a long time. Also important is the ability to share this story and to share it […]

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StoryTelling Updated

I’ve spent the last few days updating one of the lists/categories on the right. Storytelling has become a big part of today’s social media scene. There are new apps, new websites and more to help you tell your story. These sites come and go. What was at one point a list of close to 100, its been paired down a bit. Each link tested to […]

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