Social Media Manager Skills

Lately I have been asked to talk about the Social Media Manager skills list. In other words what does a Social Media Manager need to know how to do or understand. To begin with the title of “Social Media Manager “ is quite interesting, as a few years ago it didn’t really exists in that form, or name. The CIO the person that was given […]

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Sudoku Puzzles – Solutions

My dad wrote a book a few years back on how to solve these popular puzzles. If you enjoy doing them you’ll enjoy his book. Please take a look and after that I’d appreciate am order. You’ll have a much better time solving, there are some nifty little secrets to getting ahead if you get stuck. The book is called Sudoku-Tettitorial Rules of Pencils. Thanks!!

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Passwords, More Things to Know

My friends at C-Stor, a company who makes sure your backups are secure as well as your entire system presented this recently on Passwords. I’ve posted a few times on this topic as it should be the number one concern for your IT. There are a number of items that are brought up that I need to include or re-examine in my presentations. Till then […]

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New Spectacular Collection of Free Images

New release of images by The Metropolitan Museum of Art of great artists. All now free to use. This is amazing, you can spend hours searching or just looking. Just like if you were at the museum. Enjoy, Don’t forget to credit is you use the photos.

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Apparently Martinis Help in Your Posts

Here it is, in black and white. Martinis and more. After all getting conversions is what it is all about. Here’s how to get some more conversions so you can make a few more dollars. Its still work, but perhaps will help make sense of all of this.

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The $5 Million Super Bowl Ad (updated post Super Bowl)

Is the Super Bowl ad really worth $5 million? That is the hot question every time around the Super Bowl. After all you are going to have the largest viewing audience of all time . That’s what they say time in and time out. The audience is also worldwide. Its a captive audience for the most part sitting in that recliner, on the couch, on […]

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It is About the Story

Howard Schultz made a great move a few years back. He knew to tell a story. He also knew the story needed a plan, a good script that would grow all by itself. The story needs to have good things that will interest people and keep that interest for a long time. Also important is the ability to share this story and to share it […]

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