Amazon Hacks

DSC_1106_3All of us get something from Amazon now and then. You may as well get the most out of the site. This link/story has those hints and tricks and tips. Well worth your time to look it over. You may know a couple, but the others are well worth taking a peek.

Hints to hack Amazon with their hidden stuff.


DSC_1106_3The search for great photos is always a daunting task. There are many places to look and sometimes the clutter is too much. Sometimes there is not real variety and most of the time you are not sure what rights you have in using the images. Here at this site there is no doubt. It is FREE STOCK PHOTOS.

Here is the link:


Fonts – Which Go Together

As you pick the fonts for your publications or websites you may wonder what goes best together. Its rare that you will use only one font, and in today’s world there are literally thousands of fonts. This handy website has some terrific suggestions as well as examples of what goes well together. We may be changing some fonts very soon to improve the look here.

The site is here:

Tech Hubs are Growing

DSC_0510Tech hubs are today’s incubators for innovators, inventors, programmers, designers and others. Starting these in the US is pretty easy, you need a location which you can often get at low price and then it develops. Infrastructure is all around, getting the “hookup” is all over, just call the local cable company or phone company. But what about places where infrastructure is still being developed or even non-existent. Where getting the stuff to the place is a chore in itself. Africa is the next such place yet they have made tremendous strides to getting things up and going. The increase is double in the last year with more expectation for the future. Good read in this the-number-of-tech-hubs-across-africa-has-more-than-doubled-in-less-than-a-year in the New York Times.

Snapchat – Is It Growing and Useful?

screen-of-an-iphoneSnapchat started out to be a secretive, say once and then disappear app that was fun for the “kids”. You could post whatever video, and it would be gone once opened. So no record of what you said or posted. You also could not save any posts, so the guilty were set free. Well someone did make an app that allowed you to save any Snapchat, and also businesses found that these “kids” had money so why not Snapchat about your business. That is what this article is about.

But here is the new deal, as the big guys (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram) change up and add features all the time. With the new LIVE from Facebook one has to wonder where you should put your efforts in video. Facebook has a built in older audience, and they have bucks. As well as their Pages area where in my opinion every business should be. So take a look at both. Other questions to ask along the way is can these videos be part of your YouTube channel, and as long as I am recording/broadcasting where does Periscope come into play?


screen-of-an-iphoneI never thought I would have to put up with this game ever again. I didn’t understand it the first time and this time I am no better, other than I have the app on my iPhone and I have spent some time I guess capturing these things. But businesses sure are taking advantage of this game.

I’ve started to make a Flipboard of articles also. I add about two to three articles a day, I don’t always read them but I do see the impact of having the characters around your business and people coming to hunt them down.

Here’s an article ( from TechCrunch that shows the impact.

40 CSS jQuery Charts and Graphs | Scripts + Tutorials

photo_09Creating graphics, cool graphics with impact along with providing valuable information is what makes may websites pop, as well as return visitors are a frequent occurrence. In the past you had to be an Adobe Illustrator expert with great patience as well as other content at times. Today there are many places where you just plop in the content and the chart is made, you then modify some of the elements to make it work for you.

This CSS-Jquery charts provides a list of 40 such places. Again, some of these will be simple, others will require a bit of work, but the results in any case will be so pretty nest stuff.