Cooking the Books on Twitter

My take: My article on Twitter Followers and the recent revelation that many people have bought their follower, particularly from one vendor. So the next time you are amazed on all those big numbers of followers, read this. Article is here.

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Secret iPhone Settings

New settings for your iPhone that you should know about. A number of these are for the iPhone X, but you should check them out. This device is becoming a tool of tools, and oh by the way it take photos and videos and you can talk on it with friends. Here’s the list of settings. s th e

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Excellent Descripiton: Google Analytics

I have not seen a better guide to Direct Traffic in Google Analytics than this. No reason to re-write. Maybe a class on it so one can see it live and see the parts in real time, but for a read this is it! Click here to see The Complete Guide to Direct Traffic in Google Analytics.

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Is Your Network Vulnerable? It’s TOO Late After the Attack

This is one of of those things that keeps the Network Manager, CIO, Chief Technologist and a few others up at night. With so much malware network attacks, emails with viruses….what to do. The article from a place that knows how to prevent, cStor, outline some great steps. It is something that needs to be scheduled and then followed up on and performed. Some steps […]

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Lots of Ways to be Productive

Its an article I’ve posted before, but worth repeating as we seem to get busier and need to find a way to increase or production. Getting things done should have become easier, but it seems that more difficulty occurs. Its getting down to what you need. You may need to set up a few things so they interact with one another. I’d be curious to […]

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Who Needs 30 Seconds

I’ve long suspected that even a 30 second commercial is too long, unless a good story is being told. You know the ones, we see them during the Super Bowl. Alas most of the time we recall the story not the product that was advertised. It takes talent and effort to create the proper message. But you do not need 30 seconds to do proper. […]

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Instagram Stories Now Allows Older Videos

Great news for all your Instagram Stories folks who like to add video. You can now wait longer than 24 hours to post them. It used to be that once the video was 24 hours old you were out of luck. Unless of course you did the somewhat lengthy workaround. Now you no longer have to worry about that, you can go edit a bit, […]

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