Localize Your WordPress

DSC_0510Your WordPress website looks sharp and you are generating views. The theme is perfect and you even have another waiting for the next rollout. But is it attracting the eyes you want. Sometimes we want more local and so there are tweaks to be made.

This article goes into step by step details on what is needed. It starts with your content and goes from there. If you need any help with these or putting together the plan let me know.

Six Things to Improve Your Marketing

mediabistro.comThis article has the outlines and some steps to make 2016 be one of the best years you have had. All of the items are defined and you are given pretty good direction on what to do and even how to do it.

The six areas mentioned are:

Web Design
Content Marketing
Social Media
Lead Generation
Lead Management

So the question is why do I mention them here, and even show you how to do it. Well, thats me. I have taught forever and provided leads to tools all my life. And if you are on a shoestring budget than you probably can’t afford to hire someone to put all this into place. And maybe you have all the components and didn’t quite know what goes with what. Now you do. And I wish you great success with all of it.

Now if you need help in setting any of these up please let me know, we’ll put an affordable plan together. The link to the article if here

Enjoy and let me know again…if I can help email paulvalach@gmail.com .

Deleting Apps From the iPhone Can be Pesky

screen-of-an-iphoneInstalling apps on the iPhone is a easy as can be, and fun to do as each adds functionality to your iphone or iPad. Even those that provide entertainment in the game area. But sometimes you get apps that don’t like to be deleted or they leave behind traces of existence. Deletion of apps and files have always been a problem on any type of PC so this is nothing new, and the installs of apps and deletions leave behind “bits”, and those bits take up space.

These steps, outlined in this article will do just that. Have fun.

Siri Has Sports Future

appleThe future of Siri may just be in sports. The calling of a game or just quicker results of one are in the works. And what about that instant replay that we all clamor for? These are just a few things to look forward to. The instant replay and more with Siri goes into some great details on the patent part of it and how it will all work. Sure am looking forward, but I do wonder how the umps and all will take it.

Twitter to go to 10,000

twitter-logoRumors are that tweets in the future will be up to 10,000 characters. The 140 max will some be dropped according to this article. Which means that people will now pound that keyboard and rant away. And the rants will be much like Facebook posts, some going on endlessly. But there are some good parts to this new format. First, the URLs will no longer need to be shortened so you will have an idea of a) where you are headed and b) a reminder of the actual site. Also added will be the ability to add images which up until recently were links or if you had the right Twitter Manager smaller images or links to them. Either way this will be something new and we’ll have to look at the best way to tweet.


screen-of-an-iphoneIts a $10 FREE APP for the moment


Tracking Changes in Images

DSC_0552Many today take photos from all angles and perspectives. They then catalog, store or publish them for others to see. But many would also like to know if anything changes in those images as time passes. We may set up an automated system to take a particular view everyday, week or month. Perhaps even a shorter interval or longer. But what we want to know is is there is a change.

I’ve always tried to go to locations where things happened after weather events or new structures have gone up or are going up on Google maps. These may be as large as football stadiums going up to as small as a neighbor’s pool. In either case I am the one that has to determine if there is a change. Now there is a method for automizing that.

The folks at Hexagon GeoSpatial have done this. It came about largely from the need of changing home landscapes as property values are determined from additions. More information on the actual steps are in this article. I just like the fact that more is being automated.