Smartphone Stats and More

Who owns cellphones compared to smartphones is the subject of this article. The article goes further into the demographics of age, income, education and more. Pew Research is behind the study so you know there is no hanky-panky. It is also interesting to look at the section of the ‘mobile only’ and the ‘mobile dependent’ numbers. Today there is starting to be ‘mobile’ only society. […]

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Hacking Class, Is That What this Is?

This looks like the ultimate class to take to learn to hack, the thing ii is a security class to prevent the hack. I’ve alway said you need to learn the whys and how of anything to see how it works, and then you can actually do it, and in this case prevent it. And there are many forms of the hack today to learn. […]

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Being All Over is Important, Targeting Even More So

I mentioned in my 3G, Got:Give:Get, the other day at Eliances that while having a presences on all the biggie Social Platforms, LinkedIN, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat and Pinterest you should only focus on a couple. Get those two working really well, then expand. Not all of them are a perfect fit for your business but having a small presence is ok. What […]

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The Font of Your Logo, Can Save You Money

So says NetFlix, thus making the change to theirs. The story is here. Remember this is from a Ad Publication website so they really get into all the curves and shapes and thin lines of the whole thing. I recall when I taught about fonts at the colleges most folks did not know serif from sans-serif and which was easier to read. Today there are […]

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Apple Maps v Google Maps

I for one have both on my iPhone. Each has its annoying attributes. I am beginning to favor one over the other, but cannot bring myself to deleting the least favorite as all of a sudden an ad or something will make the one unuseable and jump to the other, after all ALL I WANT IS DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO GET SOMEWHERE!! That all said […]

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Need a Self Hosted VPN, for FREE?

Alphabet’s Outline will now let you do just that, a FREE VPN and it is all self-hosted. It is a launch product of Jigsaw called Outline. Jigsaw is an incubator which is part of Google’s parent company. Yes, we will all need a big roadmap very soon to keep track of who owns whom and who is related in other ways. The product runs on […]

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Cooking the Books on Twitter

My take: My article on Twitter Followers and the recent revelation that many people have bought their follower, particularly from one vendor. So the next time you are amazed on all those big numbers of followers, read this. Article is here.

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