Importance of Backup Details

Just because you backed up your data does not mean it is also safe. Do you encrypt, password or perform other asset protection? You need to make sure where you are putting things is safe, but also that the data being backed up has been protected. If the Air Force can have this happen so can you. So first lets make sure what you have is protected where it sits now. And lets made sure that it really needs to be there to begin with.

Article on what happen is here. Great read for anyone who likes this kind of stuff.

How to Make Indie Drama Poster

As long as I am on the ‘movie theme’ how about making a movie poster for an Indie film. You know, the low budget, can’t really afford anything much less a graphic artist to spend lots of time, etc.

The good news is you can do it yourself in a few steps. You’ll still need a couple of great images, but then maybe your star actors have some head shots you can use. Just make sure they have the rights.

The steps themselves are pretty straight forward. You also don’t need Photoshop to do them. Today even some of the iPhone Apps will do them. You can also use other Apps to make needed changes to images and then import.

If you do create something, please share. You’ll promote your movie and it will also be picked up by a few folks I work with on Twitter as well as Facebook. So be creative!!!

Here is the article. (source for tutorial:

G-Chatter – Urban Dictionary

I came across this “desired” in a list of things a company wanted their applicants to have. The job was for a content creator. The content was mostly video in nature. Looked like a pretty fast paced place with an emphasis on “hot get the job”. I have to confess I had no clue on what “GChatter” was. So I Googled and the first and only link really in the list was to “Urban Dictionary“.

I learned that I actually knew what GChatter was, just never really used it much, or at least any more. Its short for conversations via the Gmail page. You know all that stuff to the right of your Gmail Inbox. Yes you need to be in Gmail/Browser, so if you use any mail readers you are missing out, or forget that its there.

The cool part of this search was more in rediscovering all the cool stuff on the Urban Dictionary website. All those other old terms that we used to use and sometimes still crop up.

Add your favorite term here that you are now looking up. It will make for some fun posts and comments.

HTML Movie Poster

When creating assignments I always wanted to have something that students could use or get some enjoyment making. In the web world, it gets old making recipe pages and such. This project looks like it could be fun as well as be a useful part of the entire website assignment. With step by step instruction any instructor can take this and add their own insights or ideas. This could easily be turned into a five or six page website if not more with video, audio and more. It is also one that can be made different form semester to semester.

The article is here.