Smartphone Stats and More

Who owns cellphones compared to smartphones is the subject of this article. The article goes further into the demographics of age, income, education and more. Pew Research is behind the study so you know there is no hanky-panky. It is also interesting to look at the section of the ‘mobile only’ and the ‘mobile dependent’ numbers. Today there is starting to be ‘mobile’ only society. Let’s face it carrying around your data and access device is what we want and need. Finally, it is surprising how broadband at home is also not necessarily on the rise.

Bedtime on the iPhone

I have been using this app for about two months. It is great to be made aware of your bedtime, along with showing you how much sleep you will get if you go to bed “NOW”. You can setup easily how many hours of sleep you desire, the app does the rest. You have options on the way it waked you up also. I have nature sounds near a swamp. The first time it played I seriously thought a flock of birds were overhead. It was sort of timely as Canadian Geese have been flying overhead for the past month.

Here is the article, its all part of the new iOS.

StoryTelling Updated

I’ve spent the last few days updating one of the lists/categories on the right. Storytelling has become a big part of today’s social media scene. There are new apps, new websites and more to help you tell your story. These sites come and go. What was at one point a list of close to 100, its been paired down a bit. Each link tested to make sure it at least goes to a live site.

If you are using any, and want to share a link please do. If you have recommendations, suggestions those are welcome also. Finally if something no longer works letting me know will also be appreciated. I hope to have the other lists updated also with new resources to help you achieve your goals. Thanks for visiting.

Five New Bleeding-Edge Mobile in 2017

Mobile marketing is where you need to king with your content. Many ways to do that, some you may know others just pop up as the world of mobile keeps moving ahead. Here’s the list. We like these folks and try out things each time they write something new. Remember that many of these things do take time to register so make sure all your items you need are there, and that they work.

Also its important to remember that your web presence is mobile friendly, in other words your site is ‘responsive’. There are many these in the WordPress arena that are great looking on desktop PCs, but not mobile phones or tablets. If you need help developing a site that is let me know here I can help with that.