Yahoo Solutions You Need to Apply

If you have a Yahoo account, who doesn’t, didn’t, then you need to take the steps outlined in this ARTICLE. There are explanations to go along with the steps. They are easy to do and make sense. The big question being asked is should you delete your account, the answer is DO NOT DELETE, but MOTH BALL it. It is tied more than likely to many things that you use on a regular basis. Follow the steps and you should be fine.

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G-Chatter – Urban Dictionary

I came across this “desired” in a list of things a company wanted their applicants to have. The job was for a content creator. The content was mostly video in nature. Looked like a pretty fast paced place with an emphasis on “hot get the job”. I have to confess I had no clue on what “GChatter” was. So I Googled and the first and only link really in the list was to “Urban Dictionary“.

I learned that I actually knew what GChatter was, just never really used it much, or at least any more. Its short for conversations via the Gmail page. You know all that stuff to the right of your Gmail Inbox. Yes you need to be in Gmail/Browser, so if you use any mail readers you are missing out, or forget that its there.

The cool part of this search was more in rediscovering all the cool stuff on the Urban Dictionary website. All those other old terms that we used to use and sometimes still crop up.

Add your favorite term here that you are now looking up. It will make for some fun posts and comments.

Report: Netflix and YouTube Account for Half of Internet’s Traffic

A recent report shows that we tend to watch a lot of YouTube and NetFlix on the Net. In fact its over 50% of the traffic in North America. The report was found as part of a Mashable story. But it leads me to believe that we also like to create content. Netflix had, according to the article just over 31% of that downstream. Which means that we watched a whole lot of YouTube and someone had to create it.

Today’s setup is not hard at all, and many users simple point and record, and often just themselves. No studio needed or desired. The editing of video has also become quite easy with a plethora of apps on both iPhone and Android. Now some people will say that a lot of the YouTube videos are just silly drunk people capturing the moment. While there is certainly a share of that there are also vast amounts of educational, how tos and abouts on YouTube. While some of these may not always be entirely accurate many have also launched people’s careers or fame.

The Mashable article is here. There are some related articles there also.

BackLinks – Seven that are Bad

gooannThere are seven backlinks that will now make Google not happy with your site. SEO has been in the news as of late, as the new formulas from Google have been tweaked and now everyone is making the adjustments. The good news bad news is that when Google now looks at your site they know what your site is about, what is a image and if all the parts of that site actually belong and are relevant to the topic. Yes, many SEO experts push those limits and do their best to get that top 1st page ranking, but if they or you include things that Google does not want to see then your site gets on the bad list. And getting off of that is not just removing things. Remember others took the time to master a few of these link types as well as others properly.

  • No Paid Links
  • No Unnatural Link Exchanges
  • No Automated Links
  • No Advertorials
  • No Optimized Anchor Text
  • No Footer Links
  • Spammy Comment Links

To get the definitions of these see the story here

SEO and Social Media – Love In the Air

gooannSo by now you should know these two items go hand in hand, and one make the other work and visa versa, But how do you make that happen? All those likes and all those +1s in Facebook and Google+ help some, but those still come from the users. Those users need to find your stuff in order to get there to +1 or like. When Google goes looking through your site it still relies or start at the meta tag “keywords”. And there is where you need to start. What keywords do you need to put into that page to make it pop to the top. There are a number of tools now that Google itself provides to help with some suggestions. As well as other sites. One of which is SocialMention. It will take your keyword and then show you some graphic stats on the impact of that keyword. This will take some time, but then no SEO plan is easy.

You might also look at some type of chart. Lee Oden suggest a glossary of sorts. Guess what, there are a tools to help there. Both of these templates are available here, click on each chart and you’ll get the spreadsheet. Its a great template, but now you have to do the work. And part of that work is to update content daily or every other day. Creating that content is part of the business. I’ve just posted some tips on landing pages, this goes right along with that.

Your Vanity – Things You Need

In this Social Media world of ours its now important to gran an identity as soon as possible. Your name, even if you have no plans to be a superstar or pro athlete or CEO, should be owned by you. There is a new spot, where you can go and grab it. Its will look like, in my case There are two big reasons to do this. First, it gives whoever goes there a list of all the other places you are one. A quick list of sorts that you set up and the visitor can see. The second reason to have this is as you set these connections up the search engines pay attention and start to give you more credibility in the listing and SEO world. It does not take long at all to create, the only thing you need to know are your passwords, and more than likely you are already logged into several of the accounts and only need to approve the access. Lastly there is also a chance you still don’t have a couple of the suggested spots, so why not grab them now. Even a simple static setting is better than none, and you gather more identity.