The Growth Hacker Funnel

There are several chapters in this publication/website online. Its not mine, but there are many things in there that we suggest. You can do all of these things by following the step by steps. Its a time consuming endeavor, but it will make a difference in the end. The big thing in all of this is getting to the customer. There are lots of obstacles and clutter for both them and you to get through. Its a great read, as are the other chapters. If you have questions please ask, and if its not something you have time for and want help with again, please ask.

SEO and Social Media – Love In the Air

gooannSo by now you should know these two items go hand in hand, and one make the other work and visa versa, But how do you make that happen? All those likes and all those +1s in Facebook and Google+ help some, but those still come from the users. Those users need to find your stuff in order to get there to +1 or like. When Google goes looking through your site it still relies or start at the meta tag “keywords”. And there is where you need to start. What keywords do you need to put into that page to make it pop to the top. There are a number of tools now that Google itself provides to help with some suggestions. As well as other sites. One of which is SocialMention. It will take your keyword and then show you some graphic stats on the impact of that keyword. This will take some time, but then no SEO plan is easy.

You might also look at some type of chart. Lee Oden suggest a glossary of sorts. Guess what, there are a tools to help there. Both of these templates are available here, click on each chart and you’ll get the spreadsheet. Its a great template, but now you have to do the work. And part of that work is to update content daily or every other day. Creating that content is part of the business. I’ve just posted some tips on landing pages, this goes right along with that.

SEO Dashboard New in Google Analytics

gooannThe new Google Analytics has provided us with many new tools, widgets among them. This article in SEOBook shows the use of the SEO Dashboard and some of the combinations that provide some great feedback. The article goes throw a number of combinations with some of the same widgets. Lots of different data now for web owners. Each of these combinations can bring back different information which when combined with the other give the webmaster great information about the visitor.

The article goes through how to setup the new Dashboards with different combinations. It uses a couple of them several times. This will be a big play for those wanting to know more about who is coming to the website. The article is here.

Round One – Intro to Google Analytics

Google Analytics..when I first heard that I thought wow, there must be so much and how am I ever going to get control of this tool. Well there are some steps, and some of these are out lined nicely here. It is quite interesting all that can be learned about or tracked from that one click on that link sitting out there on some webpage of some blog, or search result, or billboard. The question of where they came from, what they bought, if they bought and more are part of what you want to know as the owner of that site. You need know what campaigns you have launched are brining in customers who buy, or just ones who wander the site and leave. And if they do leave, it might be nice to know where they went to next. All of this is part of that initial setup. Quick article here:

Google Analytics – What and What Not it Says

The article in question, What-Google-Analytics-New-Social-Reports-Offer-What-They-Cant from takes a good look at what all these repors that are generated really tell us. With all the “tools” and “resources” or “sources” which do what is the question.

There are many Social Network pieces, the article calls them sources. The most popular include Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, HootSuite, Blogger, TypePad, Slideshare, LinkedIN and a few others. Have you ever gone to the Animoto share button and seen where all you can post that video? But the reality is that these tools/resources are grouped together, classified by Google and so they tend to look at the traffic (what we want to know about) the same in many cases, when they really are not. A “tweet” is not a Facebook entry and is not a blogging post. Now we do, and this needs to also be addressed in a future post, like to write once and post to many, or as many different spots with one click. Let their system cut off things if its too long, as there will always be a link to get to the rest. Right? Well, guess that depends on what you want from the post.

The article goes into some details on conversions, as well as social values and how all of them are aligned. This also assumes you did some of that alignment with what your intent was. This has much to do with your type of business. This is where you need to look at the article as there are a few side links within to go into more details. The point here is a report, just like any in the past, needs some careful examination on what it is really saying. Enjoy.