June 24, 2024

In this Social Media world of ours its now important to gran an identity as soon as possible. Your name, even if you have no plans to be a superstar or pro athlete or CEO, should be owned by you. There is a new spot, about.me where you can go and grab it. Its will look like about.me/yourname, in my case about.me/paulvalach. There are two big reasons to do this. First, it gives whoever goes there a list of all the other places you are one. A quick list of sorts that you set up and the visitor can see. The second reason to have this is as you set these connections up the search engines pay attention and start to give you more credibility in the listing and SEO world. It does not take long at all to create, the only thing you need to know are your passwords, and more than likely you are already logged into several of the accounts and only need to approve the access. Lastly there is also a chance you still don’t have a couple of the suggested spots, so why not grab them now. Even a simple static setting is better than none, and you gather more identity.