SEO and More Checkup

I came across this graphic. Its sums up much of what I have posted on here. It is useful in looking over your website to see if you have the right pieces and if those pieces are are correctly configured. There is a place where you can have your website checked, but you will need to sign up with them. I don’t know much about them so it is not an endorsement. And it is something we can do for you also, its just a nice check sheet.

You can also find more information on me and my services here:

Localize Your WordPress

DSC_0510Your WordPress website looks sharp and you are generating views. The theme is perfect and you even have another waiting for the next rollout. But is it attracting the eyes you want. Sometimes we want more local and so there are tweaks to be made.

This article goes into step by step details on what is needed. It starts with your content and goes from there. If you need any help with these or putting together the plan let me know.

Six Things to Improve Your Marketing

mediabistro.comThis article has the outlines and some steps to make 2016 be one of the best years you have had. All of the items are defined and you are given pretty good direction on what to do and even how to do it.

The six areas mentioned are:

Web Design
Content Marketing
Social Media
Lead Generation
Lead Management

So the question is why do I mention them here, and even show you how to do it. Well, thats me. I have taught forever and provided leads to tools all my life. And if you are on a shoestring budget than you probably can’t afford to hire someone to put all this into place. And maybe you have all the components and didn’t quite know what goes with what. Now you do. And I wish you great success with all of it.

Now if you need help in setting any of these up please let me know, we’ll put an affordable plan together. The link to the article if here

Enjoy and let me know again…if I can help email .

6 Social Communities That Will Increase Your Blog Traffic


Relying on word of mouth from your blogs is certainly one way to get more traffic. But to really generate that traffic from a blogpost it needs to be seen by lots of eyes. These six places the article mentions certainly know the game, and a few have been around from the first days of the Internet. All this said each of these will require some further work to get that notice so pick one or two and that a) fit and b) that you get going first. Also, I’d love to hear feedback or experiences with any of these. Thanks for reading.

The Six recommendations are:

Hacker News

* This site was founded by the author of the article in the link.

Social Media Stats That May Surprise You

There some new stats out, and leave it to a law site to show them off. Seems the older folks are getting into this Social Media thing pretty nicely. Most increases are in the 40+ age group. This includes places like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Which also means if your sole focus as a business is the 20 or even 30 year old you are missing out on some bucks, and these folks usually actually have some real bucks and aren’t waiting for their last minimum payment to clear before they can use their card again. In all of this don’t forget that your plan also needs to include the way people are finding you that is smartphone (Android and iPhone) as well as all the tablets out there. Yes “old” folks know about mobile technology.

BackLinks – Seven that are Bad

gooannThere are seven backlinks that will now make Google not happy with your site. SEO has been in the news as of late, as the new formulas from Google have been tweaked and now everyone is making the adjustments. The good news bad news is that when Google now looks at your site they know what your site is about, what is a image and if all the parts of that site actually belong and are relevant to the topic. Yes, many SEO experts push those limits and do their best to get that top 1st page ranking, but if they or you include things that Google does not want to see then your site gets on the bad list. And getting off of that is not just removing things. Remember others took the time to master a few of these link types as well as others properly.

  • No Paid Links
  • No Unnatural Link Exchanges
  • No Automated Links
  • No Advertorials
  • No Optimized Anchor Text
  • No Footer Links
  • Spammy Comment Links

To get the definitions of these see the story here