New Domains – What to Get

googIn today’s business world you think of a name for your company or business, then see its name is available with a .com after it. The same goes for movies, books and other creative endeavors. If its taken you move on to the next name and so on and so on. But don’t forget that there is more than .com as a top level domain. The .org, .net and .info complete the original mix but more have been added. There is now .info, .biz, .mobi, .me and more. These domains’ intent was to help identify the type of site, or what device it was suited for and a few others. Also along the way came “country” extensions such as .co, .ca, .it and others. Those that played with the names quickly realized that they could get cute with the endings and so creativity hit the domain market and names got gobbled up quickly. But here’s the problem.

The country extensions were really meant for sites in that country or specific to it. So an .it site was to Italian, either about Italy or in Italian, same for .sp as in Spain, and .ca for Canada. The term for this is Geotargetable domains. They target specific geogrpaphys of the world. So now you have a problem, because as we all know Google can tell pretty quickly what your site is about or what words, or maybe what words don’t appear on your site. Its very easy for them to not list any page in search and for a while that would happen to those sites that just gobbled up cute names.

So they made a list of these domain extensions that are NOT geotargetable. If you recall the domain .TV belongs to a country who made a deal to sell it or the use of it as its a small country, and no where near a television. This action leaves us to use these extensions anyway we like and exempt from any no listing, and if you happen to need to have your site geotargeted to that nation all you need to do is let Google know, they will take it from there.

So back to the new domain name. You should absolutely grab all of those names atop the list. Guy Kawasaki said that a long time ago and he knows something this Internet business. What you do with the domain, or where each points may have changed or may require some reading up on but no one will be able to hijack your name. The country ones, well now you know the ones to look at.

Also once you get things running, especially if you are using multiple site read up on a few of the latest rules for linking and sharing links. These rules change all the time so I’ll leave it at that.

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NEW RULES – for Google Linking and more…

googLinking, keywords, and guest blogging are among the changes to Google’s new algorithm for ranking websites. The article goes into some details about the new taboos and some that used to work but are no longer in play. One such example is a paragraph that has disappeared from the intro.

“Your site’s ranking in Google search results is partly based on analysis of those sites that link to you. The quantity, quality, and relevance of links influences your ranking. The sites that link to you can provide context about the subject matter of your site, and can indicate its quality and popularity.”

This is a move towards something Google mentioned months ago high quality sites that provide great things are better than links.

Other items like keyword rich posts, including alt tags are also talked about as well as guests posts.

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Google Glass – Unintended Use

There is a new article on the uses of Google Glass. Actually its more of the unintended use of Google Glass. I am not sure where the surprise is in this as the items listed that are “surprising” or “unintended” seem well, pretty logical to me anyway The first being face recognition. Come on as we approach someone how many times have we forgotten a name? We may have met this person last night or last year, we forget. Maybe we see someone across the room and start to think “where do I know them from?”. Even worse when its a business partner or someone we should know from the company. Guess that’s where the Exec Assistant who stands by you and is suppose to remind you…oh wait not all of us have one of those.

The fact that Glass was given to techies and developers first (see Google didn’t really have any cleat ideas on the use) so that they would come up with some things for it to do just drives this. And of course those developers/hackers/geeks will push the limit, and if there is an OS they will hack at it to see just exactly the power of the new tool.

The paranoia that starts to set in that you can now be watched by anyone anywhere is also interesting. As someone who shoots events at clubs on occasion it always interesting to take the photo of that one or two people that don’w want to be in that photo with that person they are not suppose to be with. Now with Glass anyone can be that “paparazzi”. Please with all the point and shoots these days, you are in frame all the time. I can foresee the day when Glass will be banned head gear when entering a club, much like cameras used to be. Only “Press” people were allowed to take photos of the stupid and drunk. Those were the days.

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Starbucks – 10 Percent of US Business via Mobile

starbStarbucks get ten percent of its US Business via smartphones according to this article. That’s quite a bit. They have an app and also ties to iTunes to keep users and customers interested. The apps are Android as well as Apple friendly and are easy to use. They also have partnerships with Square which allows customers to post when they arrive, thus letting their buddies know they are around the corner for some Java. Customers can also reload their Starbucks cards, a clever way to keep the money coming into the business. While the article mentions that Starbucks customers may be more teach savvy, I think that more and more other businesses are going the same way. Checkins to airplanes, movie theaters and some dining places are all moving towards the smartphone. Its just more proof that if your business is face to face, and has lots of daily walk in or walk through you are missing the boat by not being on board.

SEO and Social Media – Love In the Air

gooannSo by now you should know these two items go hand in hand, and one make the other work and visa versa, But how do you make that happen? All those likes and all those +1s in Facebook and Google+ help some, but those still come from the users. Those users need to find your stuff in order to get there to +1 or like. When Google goes looking through your site it still relies or start at the meta tag “keywords”. And there is where you need to start. What keywords do you need to put into that page to make it pop to the top. There are a number of tools now that Google itself provides to help with some suggestions. As well as other sites. One of which is SocialMention. It will take your keyword and then show you some graphic stats on the impact of that keyword. This will take some time, but then no SEO plan is easy.

You might also look at some type of chart. Lee Oden suggest a glossary of sorts. Guess what, there are a tools to help there. Both of these templates are available here, click on each chart and you’ll get the spreadsheet. Its a great template, but now you have to do the work. And part of that work is to update content daily or every other day. Creating that content is part of the business. I’ve just posted some tips on landing pages, this goes right along with that.

Your Site is Down for Short Time

googThe big question in the case of a site being down for a short time, like a day or two is how does this effect your ranking, if at all. Well Google has this great area for web masters, they also a myriad of tools to help you out. One such tool, or place is Google Master Web help. You can post a question and their guy gets on the air and answers. This is one of my favorite places to go to about once a week, maybe twice. First there are things that I have encountered and am looking for an answer, second a few times you get some great tips on how to improve your site by listening to answers to completely unrelated questions. Things tie together so much in the Internet that after a while it starts to make some sense. Ok so here is the answer to the question “What if my site is down for a day? How does that effect its ranking as far as Google is concerned?” Video Answer Here.