May 20, 2024

gooannSo by now you should know these two items go hand in hand, and one make the other work and visa versa, But how do you make that happen? All those likes and all those +1s in Facebook and Google+ help some, but those still come from the users. Those users need to find your stuff in order to get there to +1 or like. When Google goes looking through your site it still relies or start at the meta tag “keywords”. And there is where you need to start. What keywords do you need to put into that page to make it pop to the top. There are a number of tools now that Google itself provides to help with some suggestions. As well as other sites. One of which is SocialMention. It will take your keyword and then show you some graphic stats on the impact of that keyword. This will take some time, but then no SEO plan is easy.

You might also look at some type of chart. Lee Oden suggest a glossary of sorts. Guess what, there are a tools to help there. Both of these templates are available here, click on each chart and you’ll get the spreadsheet. Its a great template, but now you have to do the work. And part of that work is to update content daily or every other day. Creating that content is part of the business. I’ve just posted some tips on landing pages, this goes right along with that.