June 14, 2024

gooannThere are seven backlinks that will now make Google not happy with your site. SEO has been in the news as of late, as the new formulas from Google have been tweaked and now everyone is making the adjustments. The good news bad news is that when Google now looks at your site they know what your site is about, what is a image and if all the parts of that site actually belong and are relevant to the topic. Yes, many SEO experts push those limits and do their best to get that top 1st page ranking, but if they or you include things that Google does not want to see then your site gets on the bad list. And getting off of that is not just removing things. Remember others took the time to master a few of these link types as well as others properly.

  • No Paid Links
  • No Unnatural Link Exchanges
  • No Automated Links
  • No Advertorials
  • No Optimized Anchor Text
  • No Footer Links
  • Spammy Comment Links

To get the definitions of these see the story here