Use of Fonts in Movie Posters

I used to teach Desktop Publishing back in the hay day of DTP. The Macintosh was the best choice of many magazines and everyone was a Publisher all of a sudden. Newsletters were the rage, and everyone wanted to put one out. I happen to also have worked on laying out coupons and others with a Pica ruler. I got to know at the time there were two major types of fonts, Serif and San-Serif and when and where to use each.

It was, and continues to be, a little humor to have students give an example of a ‘font’. They usually just get stuck with NewYork, Helvetica, Courier or such. After a while someone says Arial 10pt, which gets closer. Its then that get to talk typesetting and leading and more. The act of pulling down menus to names of typefaces, then selecting styles and point sizes changed the world.

Now comes the use of fonts in things like Movie Posters, Graphics and more. Graphics especially as the ‘font’ has its challenges when you are on the web. Its also quite interesting that the Web has not really moved passed Arial, Helvetica, Times and Times New Roman.

Here’s an interesting article on Movie Posters and Fonts. Take a read, then think on how some of this applied to today’s world.

Report: Netflix and YouTube Account for Half of Internet’s Traffic

A recent report shows that we tend to watch a lot of YouTube and NetFlix on the Net. In fact its over 50% of the traffic in North America. The report was found as part of a Mashable story. But it leads me to believe that we also like to create content. Netflix had, according to the article just over 31% of that downstream. Which means that we watched a whole lot of YouTube and someone had to create it.

Today’s setup is not hard at all, and many users simple point and record, and often just themselves. No studio needed or desired. The editing of video has also become quite easy with a plethora of apps on both iPhone and Android. Now some people will say that a lot of the YouTube videos are just silly drunk people capturing the moment. While there is certainly a share of that there are also vast amounts of educational, how tos and abouts on YouTube. While some of these may not always be entirely accurate many have also launched people’s careers or fame.

The Mashable article is here. There are some related articles there also.

Tweet and Record

twitter-logoI recall wanting to record something many times, especially when I was not at home. I wanted to always be able to call my DVR and say record, that was it. But this is awesome …. Tweet and Record… Through a series of Tweets Direct TV will allow its subscribers to record their TV show they are missing. Way cool if you ask me, and about time. I have given up on the DVR, especially since I don’t have cable and no plans on restoring it. NetFlix and Hulu+ seem to take care of things, and the summer reruns will do the rest. What I miss with all that combined, probably means more free time to do other things….still.. Tweet and Record…I Like it!!

Recording TV Shows With a Tweet