Must Have Apps

press-1015988_1920The rapid deployment of apps today makes it a must to know what to have on your desktop as well as your mobile devices. In fact that may be one way to judge an app is their availability on both platforms. Lifehacker has always been great at finding these tools and then listing them This list of 50 is pretty amazing, and I was amazed that I had over 40 of them, and use a good bit of the 40 everyday. I also have a number of them in the iPhone as well as Desktop.

If you are for any reason short on storage, download them using the desktop machine and then it will be available if you need it. Don’t forget that once you have some of these IFTTT becomes even more powerful. Yes IFTTT is on the must list.

Here’s your link to Lifehacker’s 50 Must Haves.

Deleting Apps From the iPhone Can be Pesky

screen-of-an-iphoneInstalling apps on the iPhone is a easy as can be, and fun to do as each adds functionality to your iphone or iPad. Even those that provide entertainment in the game area. But sometimes you get apps that don’t like to be deleted or they leave behind traces of existence. Deletion of apps and files have always been a problem on any type of PC so this is nothing new, and the installs of apps and deletions leave behind “bits”, and those bits take up space.

These steps, outlined in this article will do just that. Have fun.

Starbucks – 10 Percent of US Business via Mobile

starbStarbucks get ten percent of its US Business via smartphones according to this article. That’s quite a bit. They have an app and also ties to iTunes to keep users and customers interested. The apps are Android as well as Apple friendly and are easy to use. They also have partnerships with Square which allows customers to post when they arrive, thus letting their buddies know they are around the corner for some Java. Customers can also reload their Starbucks cards, a clever way to keep the money coming into the business. While the article mentions that Starbucks customers may be more teach savvy, I think that more and more other businesses are going the same way. Checkins to airplanes, movie theaters and some dining places are all moving towards the smartphone. Its just more proof that if your business is face to face, and has lots of daily walk in or walk through you are missing the boat by not being on board.

20 Photo Apps for the iPhone

Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone
I posted this a while ago in another area but thought it be worth to repost it especially since I now have an iPhone 5 and can appreciate some of these even more. A few freebies here, but those that cost are well worth it. Camera+ and both Tilt Shift apps are some of my favorites. Also the FREE Photoshop from Adobe is a must.

Even if you don’t use some of these get them when they are cheaper or free, storage on iTunes has no cost and you never know when one of these effects will come in handy. There are other apps too that go along with all these, but that is for another post. I should also add that many of these Apps also work on the iPad which I use as a camera often also. Enjoy!