Cybersecurity and YOUR Governor

A quick article on what various Governors are doing around the country to provide better cybersecurity for their states. It is not an easy task and many agencies simply need to start working together. This list gives you an idea of who is on top of their game.

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Importance of Podcast Partners

The reason podcasts survive is due to audience attention and action. In order to get a podcast into that position partnerships are formed so that success is enhanced. In this case its an interesting combination and well worth the read. Its also a chance to see how to improve your podcast and perhaps give thought to who you could contact to combine talents. The article […]

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Detection Needs to be Part of Cybersecurity

The middle part of cybersecurity, detection. You need to know when someone has broken in. Some insight is provided in the article. Its one component, that’s the important take away here.

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Data Breached!! Were you one?

Was your data breached last year? The report is out, and the number is quite large. Then again even if there was only one its one too many. The article is here. The data presented is quite revealing.

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Importance of Backup Details

Just because you backed up your data does not mean it is also safe. Do you encrypt, password or perform other asset protection? You need to make sure where you are putting things is safe, but also that the data being backed up has been protected. If the Air Force can have this happen so can you. So first lets make sure what you have […]

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Machine Learning Continuous News

This is my Machine Learning Flipboard. Its full of articles, posts and news on the Machine Learning topic. It is updated frequently and brings many issues to the forefront on the topic. Machine learning is perhaps the hottest of the AI subgroups since that is what we all want, our devices to learn our tendencies and help us then to either avoid the event or […]

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AI – Should We Worry, Should YOU Worry

When someone mentions AI today some tend to freak out. Others are not sure if they should worry, and for the most part many still have no clue what “AI” is about. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which many think is still a movie term for robots or machines (computers) taking over. What many don’t know that AI has already taken over a number of […]

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