June 24, 2024

starbStarbucks get ten percent of its US Business via smartphones according to this article. That’s quite a bit. They have an app and also ties to iTunes to keep users and customers interested. The apps are Android as well as Apple friendly and are easy to use. They also have partnerships with Square which allows customers to post when they arrive, thus letting their buddies know they are around the corner for some Java. Customers can also reload their Starbucks cards, a clever way to keep the money coming into the business. While the article mentions that Starbucks customers may be more teach savvy, I think that more and more other businesses are going the same way. Checkins to airplanes, movie theaters and some dining places are all moving towards the smartphone. Its just more proof that if your business is face to face, and has lots of daily walk in or walk through you are missing the boat by not being on board.