The Social History of the Smartphone

Its a long read for sure, but so much information oh the history and use of the smartphone. A few of my favorite quotes/lines. “There are any number of places—an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, a fetish club, a betting shop or a psychotherapist’s practice—that may give rise to inferences about our behavior that we wouldn’t necessarily want shared across the network.” The article cover, manufacturing, the […]

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Must Have Apps

The rapid deployment of apps today makes it a must to know what to have on your desktop as well as your mobile devices. In fact that may be one way to judge an app is their availability on both platforms. Lifehacker has always been great at finding these tools and then listing them This list of 50 is pretty amazing, and I was amazed […]

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Ah, Sleep and Music

We all love to fall asleep quickly to maximize that sleep time. The ability of the iPhone top play that soothing music us great. It’s great when our speakers can be utilized. More description is in the article.

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Deleting Apps From the iPhone Can be Pesky

Installing apps on the iPhone is a easy as can be, and fun to do as each adds functionality to your iphone or iPad. Even those that provide entertainment in the game area. But sometimes you get apps that don’t like to be deleted or they leave behind traces of existence. Deletion of apps and files have always been a problem on any type of […]

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Siri Has Sports Future

The future of Siri may just be in sports. The calling of a game or just quicker results of one are in the works. And what about that instant replay that we all clamor for? These are just a few things to look forward to. The instant replay and more with Siri goes into some great details on the patent part of it and how […]

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51 Siri Commands

There are many things that Siri can respond to. Some are quite interesting and not known on a wide basis. Here are 51 commands that you may not be aware of.

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Everything About These Pictures Of A Tiny, Adventurous Lego Photographer is Awesome

Thanks to Instagram and similar filter-heavy photo apps, artful photography has become so user-friendly that everybody seems at least proficient at it–even, apparently, a little Lego person. U.K. Story:

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