How to Make Indie Drama Poster

As long as I am on the ‘movie theme’ how about making a movie poster for an Indie film. You know, the low budget, can’t really afford anything much less a graphic artist to spend lots of time, etc.

The good news is you can do it yourself in a few steps. You’ll still need a couple of great images, but then maybe your star actors have some head shots you can use. Just make sure they have the rights.

The steps themselves are pretty straight forward. You also don’t need Photoshop to do them. Today even some of the iPhone Apps will do them. You can also use other Apps to make needed changes to images and then import.

If you do create something, please share. You’ll promote your movie and it will also be picked up by a few folks I work with on Twitter as well as Facebook. So be creative!!!

Here is the article. (source for tutorial:

Photos – Images UPDATED

The links on the right side have many links within each area. I spent the day (1-10-17) updating and making sure all the photo-images sites were working. Check them out, hopefully it will help out.

ON THE OTHER HAND, if you cannot find what you need I actually do the photography thing. Let me know what you are looking for, you’ll get your one of a kind photo, that’s the bonus of hiring a photographer!

Tracking Changes in Images

DSC_0552Many today take photos from all angles and perspectives. They then catalog, store or publish them for others to see. But many would also like to know if anything changes in those images as time passes. We may set up an automated system to take a particular view everyday, week or month. Perhaps even a shorter interval or longer. But what we want to know is is there is a change.

I’ve always tried to go to locations where things happened after weather events or new structures have gone up or are going up on Google maps. These may be as large as football stadiums going up to as small as a neighbor’s pool. In either case I am the one that has to determine if there is a change. Now there is a method for automizing that.

The folks at Hexagon GeoSpatial have done this. It came about largely from the need of changing home landscapes as property values are determined from additions. More information on the actual steps are in this article. I just like the fact that more is being automated.