TOOL OF THE DAY: ColorSupply

I recall learning about color in Art Class at Pace Academy. Mrs. Graham taught us about complimentary, and secondary and what happens when you combine certain colors. That was the print world. Today we have the world of ‘light’ and the combinations to make certain colors doesn’t happen as much, but the look of colors next to one another still applies. The colors need to compliment one another, and major corporations have spent and still do spend millions of dollars. There are entire semester classes devoted to ‘color’ as there are dozens of books. Well if you want to jump right in, or don’t have time to read or attend bring up this website.

Its all there from what color goes with which, to what three color or even four colors will work. If you are building a website and need the hex code, its there at the bottom. Lots to play with and very simple to use. There are many different shapes that get filled with the colors chosen so you have an excellent idea of what you will get.

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HTML Movie Poster

When creating assignments I always wanted to have something that students could use or get some enjoyment making. In the web world, it gets old making recipe pages and such. This project looks like it could be fun as well as be a useful part of the entire website assignment. With step by step instruction any instructor can take this and add their own insights or ideas. This could easily be turned into a five or six page website if not more with video, audio and more. It is also one that can be made different form semester to semester.

The article is here.