Teens and the Net, what Apps Are They Using

You really need to read this one a few times. While some shifts have occurred, it is also all about how often they use the App during the day. Clearly video is the dominant use, and will continue to be with all smart phones now recording some great content. The posting of that content is also now very simple. So if you are selling, and […]

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Merkat or Periscope User? Five Ideas For You

The use of ‘live’ sessions has exploded across the Internet. Now with Facebook Live, another avenue, you really need to have a presence. Merkat and Periscope were at the forefront and many are still quite active in the use of these two apps. There’s a 41 slide show at the bottom of this page, its well worth going through. It does not take long and […]

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Photos – Images UPDATED

The links on the right side have many links within each area. I spent the day (1-10-17) updating and making sure all the photo-images sites were working. Check them out, hopefully it will help out. ON THE OTHER HAND, if you cannot find what you need I actually do the photography thing. Let me know what you are looking for, you’ll get your one of […]

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Video Tools – 14 of them

Video tools include mobile capture, edit screen casting and more. Some of these are pretty easy to use and I use a number of them. Others are for your desktop PC and some are for either. Fresh content today is the number one thing that folks look for when visiting your site. If you can create that content from all sides then you are king […]

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New Article Posted on LinkedIn

I just posted an article on Jing and GIMP to the LinkedIN article areas. You can find it here Two great tools that should be at a click’s reach. It will make like very simple when creating new content.

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IP Cameras…

An interesting article on the use of an IP camera and how they work. Also some of the legalities. The idea of an IP Camera is to allow the user to view what is going on in their home or place of business. Its really meant more for security then anything else, and you need to log in as the user to view the videos. […]

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Arcade Fire’s Interactive ‘Reflektor’ Music Video Embraces Web Tech

The video is an open-source Google Chrome experiment that lets viewers use a computer mouse, phone or tablet to toy with the video’s graphics or incorporate their faces into it. People can play with the flashy video effects in the Chrome experiment or on this explanatory website. via Pocket http://mashable.com/2013/09/09/arcade-fire-reflektor-video/

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