Hacking Class, Is That What this Is?

This looks like the ultimate class to take to learn to hack, the thing ii is a security class to prevent the hack. I’ve alway said you need to learn the whys and how of anything to see how it works, and then you can actually do it, and in this case prevent it. And there are many forms of the hack today to learn. A few year ago I would always invite friend over who owned a vulnerability prevention company. They showed you where your server/hard drive was vulnerable to cyber attacks. They also showed you the big huge list of the known at the moment attacks possibilities. At the time many of these tools required extensive knowledge otherwise you would get a knock on the door with people with badges and perhaps even flashing lights on top of their cars.

Today many of these tools are truly drag and drop and in some cases all you do is put in a request. Now all of this still against the law for the most part, and its not one of those things you show of to your friends and neighbors. The class sound like fun, too bad its not here in Arizona.

Need a Self Hosted VPN, for FREE?

Alphabet’s Outline will now let you do just that, a FREE VPN and it is all self-hosted.

It is a launch product of Jigsaw called Outline. Jigsaw is an incubator which is part of Google’s parent company. Yes, we will all need a big roadmap very soon to keep track of who owns whom and who is related in other ways.

The product runs on Android, Windows and IOs. Setting up is easy and you can grant access to whomever you wish, The only question is where to host it. If you have a server already you are set, or any cloud-based solution will do also. That list is endless: Amazon EC2,Google Cloud are just two. Most charge around $5 for 500GB of traffic. Servers can be located around the world.

There is some argument of who actually invented this, STORY HERE, but give it a go. The Code is also available for those that like to dabble.

If you send one up, and want to share the ease or burden I’d love to hear what you experienced.

Cybersecurity and YOUR State

It is really up to the Governor of every state to ensure security. They are the ones who ultimately hire the heads of law enforcement, Capitol Police and other ‘law’ enforcement agencies. In many cases those people then hire others for duties to protect. But what about the cybersecurity areas within your state? Who is protecting all that information you the state has gathered over the years? Here’s an article on what some of the Governors are doing. Its should be of concern to everyone, and these Governors should be working together, maybe even in concert with one another. See that’s what the hackers do, they learn from one another and share where the vulnerabilities are how to beat them.

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