July 13, 2024

Its a long read for sure, but so much information oh the history and use of the smartphone. A few of my favorite quotes/lines.

“There are any number of places—an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, a fetish club, a betting shop or a psychotherapist’s practice—that may give rise to inferences about our behavior that we wouldn’t necessarily want shared across the network.”

The article cover, manufacturing, the perils of that and use of resources as well as lives, the reason they work..

Thanks to its Assisted GPS chip—and, of course, the quartertrillion-dollar constellation of GPS satellites in their orbits twenty million meters above the Earth—the smartphone knows where it is at all times.

Pre-products like the Palm Pilot and others are mentioned also. Along with all the social implications of its use. Its a great read and brings back memories as well as thoughts on just how vital it is, along with some consequences to folks around the planet. The Link to the story: https://longreads.com/2017/06/13/a-sociology-of-the-smartphone/