Is There a “NO BULLYING” Clause in Your Policy

As I help companies develop policies for Social Media Behavior it seems the first one needs to deal with bullying. It is pretty easy to do online these days. With new platforms coming up, sharing of posts, videos and more it is easy to make someone’s life a mess. More reason to have a policy in place. In the olden days it was called a […]

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Tech Roundup

A few great stories to catch up on. One pertains to Tim Berners-Lee selling the browsing history of clients. Story here. This will be a bigger and bigger story as time goes on as a result of POTUS signature on a bill passed by Congress.

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Importance of Backup Details

Just because you backed up your data does not mean it is also safe. Do you encrypt, password or perform other asset protection? You need to make sure where you are putting things is safe, but also that the data being backed up has been protected. If the Air Force can have this happen so can you. So first lets make sure what you have […]

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Passwords, More Things to Know

My friends at C-Stor, a company who makes sure your backups are secure as well as your entire system presented this recently on Passwords. I’ve posted a few times on this topic as it should be the number one concern for your IT. There are a number of items that are brought up that I need to include or re-examine in my presentations. Till then […]

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Great Many New Resource

I came across this site which employs a similar look as this one when it comes to sharing resource. Its all along the right side and they have some things that we don’t have. Some lead you into a greater understanding of the dark side of the net as well as the everyday. Its important to know what is out there and how it effects […]

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50 Twitter Accounts Lawyers Should Follow on Regular Basis

In my search for legal materials and opinion on this and that I can came across this article with a fabulous list of folks. Its a cross section of “legal” stuff, so be prepared for not only top notch tech info but legal news, legal humor (yes there are some good lawyer jokes) as well as coverage of The Supreme Court and a few blogs. […]

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When I die, who will get my tweets?

So who gets what when you die is something we think about now and then. This article, from a while back, talks about all that other stuff you may not think tweets, domains, all that fun stuff.

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