34 New Patents for Apple

To stay on top of the tech game you need to protect your discoveries. Bill Gates started that idea a long time ago. At a time when people shared ideas, Billy was busy patenting. That lesson was learned by Apple when it lost its legal battle over Windows. Today Apple patents and protects with the best. And its also a look into the future of […]

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Twitter in Legal War Over @JamesDean (Exclusive)

Seems like dead famous people are in the news again. This time James Dean takes the spot battling Twitter. This could set the new legal precedent before its all done. Who knew that dead people could bring so much attention in 140 characters or less. @JamesDean sure does cause a stir. via Pocket http://ift.tt/1fG9xSM

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Four New Privacy Laws and What They Mean for Businesses

Does your business operate a website, online service, application or database? California has passed a group of privacy and data security laws that apply to those types of businesses. The new laws are either effective already or will be soon. More on this can be found in this article.

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Innovation in law: are you one of us?

Debates about innovation in law can be a bit tribal. The Creative Destroyers decry the billable hour. They mock Big Law as a broken model and see law as a dusty rule book in need of big data and a scientific reinvention. Law is vastly complex and inefficient. Rest of the article: http://lawyerwatch.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/innovation-in-law-are-you-one-of-us/

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Judges Hear Arguments on Rules for Internet

When all this tech started judges for the most part deferred to the “smart” guys in the room and were very un-everything about it. No one knew what a processor was, bits, bytes and other terms where like speaking a foreign language, except there were translators for the latter. Today’s judge, at least in this case seem very up to date on what is going […]

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Facebook: Are Your Protected Post Protected From the Courts?

Turns out that post you made on Facebook for only a few to see just might be protected from the courts. In a case, a hospital off all places made this ruling by a NJ Federal Court. The turnover of passwords and users names and other date required to access accounts has long been battled over when it comes to “the boss” wanting to get […]

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Cyber Security. Is Your Network/Workplace safe?

Most network administrators have some sort of checklist that they keep and then periodically check to make sure all the items on the list are in working order and operating the way they are intended to. In fact anyone in the “security” business will have a such a list if that is their major job responsibility. The world of IT however adds a few layers […]

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