Closing out 2016

New look to the site might be the biggest change. Next might be more posts at the end of year which is the plan for 2017 as in weekly, if not bi weekly. Lastly the lists lists of places and other pages are getting cleaned up. This is the daunting part as new site appear and old ones go away or get absorbed. Nonetheless I enjoy sharing resources for success of others. Happy New Year, in 2017!!


Yes its snowing on our site here. Great little plugin, actually there are a number of them. Want to find where it accumulates at the bottom and builds up. Need to google that to save some time! LOL

Smart Home Devices

The new way to run your home is through a few smart devices. Turning on the AC or turning up the heat is no longer a matter of standing over the thermostat and moving dials or punching tiny keys while trying to read that LED layout. Or what about cooking, turning lights on and off at particular hours or how about a welcome home light when you pull up the driveway. Its makes for a new look, feel and atmosphere in your home.

The article here show of a few of the more popular ones. Remember that many of these have their own adaptations for particular instances. A number of them are not that expensive, also remember that you can build onto these one at a time.

Great Many New Resource

I came across this site which employs a similar look as this one when it comes to sharing resource. Its all along the right side and they have some things that we don’t have. Some lead you into a greater understanding of the dark side of the net as well as the everyday. Its important to know what is out there and how it effects the ranking and visibility of our own sites. I’ll be looking at a few of these myself and then tie them to other postings. Stay tuned. The link to the site is here.

New Resources Page

I’ve added a new resources page with Apps you should look at and get. They should all be free. Some are mobile and some are desktop. Don’t forget some require setup and some will even work with others. I am updating the page to reflect the uses and some tips for use in some cases, so you may just see a list for the time being.

Resources for Small Biz

There are countless of resources for today’s entrepreneur or small business. From sites with tools to get listed in various directories, to creating graphics for headers and footers, to making things fly across the page or getting much needed fresh photos and other content. And as new things popup finding all of these can be a task in itself.

Most of my finds come from reading blogs and seeing what others have to say or have found. This article list over 30 blogs!! Now I don’t get to them all every day, and some are better than others based on your site’s topic or purpose. They are easy enough to bookmark, and with some creative use of sites like IFTTT you can get notified when you need to take notice.

Please take a look, you are also encouraged to comment on what is or is not useful. If you do find a useful tool please let us know, as passing on good results serves everyone’s purpose.

The link for the 30 is here… as well as here. (