Teens and the Net, what Apps Are They Using

You really need to read this one a few times. While some shifts have occurred, it is also all about how often they use the App during the day. Clearly video is the dominant use, and will continue to be with all smart phones now recording some great content. The posting of that content is also now very simple. So if you are selling, and […]

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Is There a “NO BULLYING” Clause in Your Policy

As I help companies develop policies for Social Media Behavior it seems the first one needs to deal with bullying. It is pretty easy to do online these days. With new platforms coming up, sharing of posts, videos and more it is easy to make someone’s life a mess. More reason to have a policy in place. In the olden days it was called a […]

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Snapchat – Is It Growing and Useful?

Snapchat started out to be a secretive, say once and then disappear app that was fun for the “kids”. You could post whatever video, and it would be gone once opened. So no record of what you said or posted. You also could not save any posts, so the guilty were set free. Well someone did make an app that allowed you to save any […]

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