17 Ancient Abandoned Websites That Still Work

Perhaps the best part of this article is to take a look at what worked back then and how in many cases we still use some of these things in our current setups. This by the way is not a good thing. That said the sites sure do load fast as all of the new bandwidth suck is not there. In many ways the simple, while not intentional, still has a purpose. Enjoy the travel back in time for some of you.

6 Social Communities That Will Increase Your Blog Traffic


Relying on word of mouth from your blogs is certainly one way to get more traffic. But to really generate that traffic from a blogpost it needs to be seen by lots of eyes. These six places the article mentions certainly know the game, and a few have been around from the first days of the Internet. All this said each of these will require some further work to get that notice so pick one or two and that a) fit and b) that you get going first. Also, I’d love to hear feedback or experiences with any of these. Thanks for reading.

The Six recommendations are:

Hacker News

* This site was founded by the author of the article in the link.