Is There a “NO BULLYING” Clause in Your Policy

As I help companies develop policies for Social Media Behavior it seems the first one needs to deal with bullying. It is pretty easy to do online these days. With new platforms coming up, sharing of posts, videos and more it is easy to make someone’s life a mess. More reason to have a policy in place. In the olden days it was called a […]

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Clients and Showing Photos on the Web

It is always easy to show things in person, photos especially. But what if you need to use the Web to show things. They are there and you are elsewhere. Putting things on the Web would mean finding a secure site, uploading, writing description and much more. With Lightroom all of this goes away and the steps are easy for both sides. The article also […]

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SEO and More Checkup

I came across this graphic. Its sums up much of what I have posted on here. It is useful in looking over your website to see if you have the right pieces and if those pieces are are correctly configured. There is a place where you can have your website checked, but you will need to sign up with them. I don’t know much about […]

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Natural Language Terms

The world of AI needs a communication method. The best is its own language, and one we can comprehend and use to communicate with. Natural Language is the term used to do that. However there are parts to this concept. The list and definitions are in this article, along again with side links for the curious.

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Surround Sound is Here

Thanks to Alexa, and I suspect Google Home soon you can now jam your tunes in every room. Place the devices where you need them, or speakers then manage the sound. Pretty simple stuff. Now if you are a teacher your classroom or classrooms can join in, lots of creativity here.

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A Hot iPhone 6 Plus

The story of my iPhone 6 Plus that was not recoverable. How it happen and what could have been done, maybe. You should just be aware that smartphones can get hot. There is not great solution for this, but you can try.

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Deep Learning Terms to Know

Deep Learning is yet another part of the AI world. Its a newer part as our smart devices need a way to ‘learn’ about what we are looking for as well as how to behave in circumstance that come up. Its the part that many worry about as the device learns from what you do and goes deeper after that. The terms are in this […]

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