Natural Language Terms

The world of AI needs a communication method. The best is its own language, and one we can comprehend and use to communicate with. Natural Language is the term used to do that. However there are parts to this concept. The list and definitions are in this article, along again with side links for the curious.

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Too Much Information Given to Siri/Alexa?

The new devices like Alexa or Siri are listening when you talk. And some of that talk contains a lot of valuable information to many. When you ask for that pizza place, favorite movie review or just how something is there is an implied meaning. There is a desire which can be translated to mean many things. Its can also categorize you in various strata. This strata then can be sold to marketers trying to sell you that new couch, trade in that car or go on that trip to Hawaii. Its all fair game, and raises the question again, ‘are we simply sharing too much about ourselves on a regular basis with these machines/bots’?

It should be pointed that we do it willingly and freely. And with the new AI and machine learning its not hard to figure out that if you shop toy stores you probably have kids, and if you ask about kids’ meals or clothing that you can tell after a while an approximate age as well as sex of child. Now some of us may not care, but take a notice of your ads on Facebook or Google+ to see what’s being offered next time you are on. Do those ads relate to anything you’ve done in the past week or asked about?

The article goes more in depth on some of these and other considerations.

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AI Is Where You Want to Be

The big companies all are looking at getting AI into their systems. Whether its to provide it to their customers to add it to their operations. Its aa topic that many places have been working on for years, in some cases decades. Now that its become a focus these places have a home for their knowledge. Here’s a few places that have cashed in on their work.

Machine Learning Continuous News

This is my Machine Learning Flipboard. Its full of articles, posts and news on the Machine Learning topic. It is updated frequently and brings many issues to the forefront on the topic. Machine learning is perhaps the hottest of the AI subgroups since that is what we all want, our devices to learn our tendencies and help us then to either avoid the event or take advantage of it.

AI – Should We Worry, Should YOU Worry

When someone mentions AI today some tend to freak out. Others are not sure if they should worry, and for the most part many still have no clue what “AI” is about. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which many think is still a movie term for robots or machines (computers) taking over. What many don’t know that AI has already taken over a number of things we interact with everyday. We buy “smart” devices all the time that do “things” or manage “events” daily, sometimes hourly.

To start a fuller understanding you also need to know that there are other segments to this “AI” world, those being Machine Learning, Critical Thinking, Neural Networks and Deep Learning. Each of these represents a part of the “AI” world. Over the next few weeks I’ll touch on each of these, as well as post a Flipboard Board which has multiple articles clipped to it. These boards have been a culmination of work for many months.

The article attached is from VOX who went out and asked 17 experts if they were ‘worried’ about artificial intelligence and at what level. The answers they gave are interesting and along the way provided some insight into where AI is headed.

Om a side note my father Dr. Miro Valach has worked with AI most of his life, so this stuff has always been an interest.