June 14, 2024

When someone mentions AI today some tend to freak out. Others are not sure if they should worry, and for the most part many still have no clue what “AI” is about. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which many think is still a movie term for robots or machines (computers) taking over. What many don’t know that AI has already taken over a number of things we interact with everyday. We buy “smart” devices all the time that do “things” or manage “events” daily, sometimes hourly.

To start a fuller understanding you also need to know that there are other segments to this “AI” world, those being Machine Learning, Critical Thinking, Neural Networks and Deep Learning. Each of these represents a part of the “AI” world. Over the next few weeks I’ll touch on each of these, as well as post a Flipboard Board which has multiple articles clipped to it. These boards have been a culmination of work for many months.

The article attached is from VOX who went out and asked 17 experts if they were ‘worried’ about artificial intelligence and at what level. The answers they gave are interesting and along the way provided some insight into where AI is headed.

Om a side note my father Dr. Miro Valach has worked with AI most of his life, so this stuff has always been an interest.