May 20, 2024

The new devices like Alexa or Siri are listening when you talk. And some of that talk contains a lot of valuable information to many. When you ask for that pizza place, favorite movie review or just how something is there is an implied meaning. There is a desire which can be translated to mean many things. Its can also categorize you in various strata. This strata then can be sold to marketers trying to sell you that new couch, trade in that car or go on that trip to Hawaii. Its all fair game, and raises the question again, ‘are we simply sharing too much about ourselves on a regular basis with these machines/bots’?

It should be pointed that we do it willingly and freely. And with the new AI and machine learning its not hard to figure out that if you shop toy stores you probably have kids, and if you ask about kids’ meals or clothing that you can tell after a while an approximate age as well as sex of child. Now some of us may not care, but take a notice of your ads on Facebook or Google+ to see what’s being offered next time you are on. Do those ads relate to anything you’ve done in the past week or asked about?

The article goes more in depth on some of these and other considerations.

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