New Look at Machine Learning

I found this handy article that explains Machine Learning in an easy to understand way. There is obviously more to all of this but its a great start. There is much to do about this and the future is very good in this area. Today most ‘smart devices’ have some form of Machine Learning in them, a subset of AI.

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Cheat Sheets (AI

I love cheat sheets. There are folks who do a great job of collecting them. These are fantastic to store somewhere if you are into Machine Learning algorithms. Hope this comes in handy

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Natural Language Terms

The world of AI needs a communication method. The best is its own language, and one we can comprehend and use to communicate with. Natural Language is the term used to do that. However there are parts to this concept. The list and definitions are in this article, along again with side links for the curious. You can also find more information on me and […]

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Deep Learning Terms to Know

Deep Learning is yet another part of the AI world. Its a newer part as our smart devices need a way to ‘learn’ about what we are looking for as well as how to behave in circumstance that come up. Its the part that many worry about as the device learns from what you do and goes deeper after that. The terms are in this […]

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Machine Learning Terms Explained

The world of AI has many components. Machine Learning is one such component. There are 12 terms to know to understand Machine Learning. You will find a good explanation of these in this breakout. Its all part of a big game that is now in play wherever you surf, take part of ordering stuff or use your smart devices. Time to learn.

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277 Data Science Terms

This article has an explanation of terms we use and see all over. Science and Data terms that we often get asked to explain. Now you have a resource for these explanations. The best part is that if they relate to others there is a link. Not only that but other topics in the AI world. All nicely grouped.

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Too Much Information Given to Siri/Alexa?

The new devices like Alexa or Siri are listening when you talk. And some of that talk contains a lot of valuable information to many. When you ask for that pizza place, favorite movie review or just how something is there is an implied meaning. There is a desire which can be translated to mean many things. Its can also categorize you in various strata. […]

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