July 13, 2024

This looks like the ultimate class to take to learn to hack, the thing ii is a security class to prevent the hack. I’ve alway said you need to learn the whys and how of anything to see how it works, and then you can actually do it, and in this case prevent it. And there are many forms of the hack today to learn. A few year ago I would always invite friend over who owned a vulnerability prevention company. They showed you where your server/hard drive was vulnerable to cyber attacks. They also showed you the big huge list of the known at the moment attacks possibilities. At the time many of these tools required extensive knowledge otherwise you would get a knock on the door with people with badges and perhaps even flashing lights on top of their cars.

Today many of these tools are truly drag and drop and in some cases all you do is put in a request. Now all of this still against the law for the most part, and its not one of those things you show of to your friends and neighbors. The class sound like fun, too bad its not here in Arizona.