Google debuts updated Authorship program and adds embeddable posts, all using Google+ Sign-In

Google has unveiled some new programs to help users and creators better interact with the content found on its property. Starting today, it is leveraging its Google+ Sign-In technology to bolster its Authorship program.

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Google… what’s up?

googGuess the answer to that is above $900, which is where GOOG stock symbol went to and above after the big Google meeting. New stuff was announced and some new stuff was not even mentioned Sergi Brin, the co-founder was a now show (I always wonder why guys who start big things never show up for the Annual meetings), and some of the cool stuff like Glass was not even referenced. Guess when you are Google you can get away with that. Much of today’s E-world (ok that’s an oldie from Appe days) somehow does go through Google. The new Google Drive to gMail to the world of Docs. The article sums it up, I would repeat as I’d rather you read it from their source….am sure there will be much chat in the near future… question is do I buy an option for $1000 price on GOOG?

Google+ and Larger Photos

This is stolen from a post by Trey Ratcliff. According to him the THIRD most asked question “How do I post a BIG photo from the libray”? By the way you can find more on Trey Ratcliff at

*Long version:”
1) Click on “Photos” on the black bar at the top. This will take you to your Picasa album.
2) Go navigate to the specific photo you want to share.
3) Copy the URL.
4) Go back to Google+ and do a new post and Paste in the URL
5) Additionally, you can add whatever descriptive text you like to the post. Perhaps a little story or something… go for it… we like the little stories and micro-thoughts that bounce around your head… you’re not alone, you know.

I have done this below by selecting this photo, as you can see in the URL at the bottom.

Google+ Links and more ….

Below are a set of links that pertain to Google. I will try to update them here in this column and also include the post date of each. As they get out of date, maybe I should say hour, I will probably be deleting them or putting them on some master list of “take a look back through these gems”.

How Google+ is Built ( (7-12-11)

Google +

Woo hoo, just got my account and have started to create some circles, uploading some photos, and just seeing what is where and what and how to get to do something useful with it. I wanted to get this out quick so that I can add links to all the varions settings, and tips & tricks people are putting up. So, make sure you come back to this article often.

Managing Google Plus Privacy Settings [Google+]
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