June 24, 2024

DSC_1106_3Sometime this Social Media stuff is baffling and keeping up with it is even tougher. It however is not much different than in the olden days, before all the Facebooks, Twitters and YouTubes. It involved planning and know where to put your ad, or what luncheons to sit in on or even the clubs or social gatherings to attend. Its not much different today except that there are many more places to do the preceding mentioned. And the frequency is sometimes way overboard. That’s where some planing and scheduling comes into play.

The article (http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/3-social-media-tactics-for-businesses-that-struggle-with-social/_ presents three area the quick call to action, breakout of items which guide you to a niche and a live video once in a while with question and answer opportunity. All three are pretty useful to generate new clients. The main thing to remember is no matter which you chose you need to repeat and than repeat again.

One final, no matter what: ASK FOR THE ORDER.