June 24, 2024

Stan Wigmore came up with this answer.

The suggestion of using a rain coat to cover your head and shoot thru the sleeves works well and is the cheapest.

If your camera does get wet or moisture collects inside,you can dry it out by using Silica Gel,the stuff that comes in the little packet with the box your camera came in.You should save all the little packets because one is hardly enough.Stick the camera in a sealed plastic bag with them and let it sit over nite.Best way is to buy a can of the stuff,abit expensive about $10-$20 a can,but it can used over and over again.
I pour it into a large ziplock gallon size ,just enough to cover the bottem about a inch or so and put a paper towel on top,then put the camera on that and zip it up and let sit over nite.The gel sucks up moisture from the air and out of the camera.When done just open the ziplock and put it on a window sill in bright sunlight and leave it for a day or so.The heat from the sun drives out the moisture from the gel and it’s good to go again.