June 14, 2024

Is that email campaign you have still brining about some business? Is it making you any money or bringing in new clients? The answer as it turns out is yes. More so than some of those other Social Media campaigns. Its all about the design of the email, but its still a proven method of letting a) people know you are around and b) getting word to them on the things they want to know. Or better put asked to told. The article from CNN points out very well with some numbers that when we opt in to get these we actually look forward to it. If its done right its just frequent enough to not annoy, and specific enough that we usually read the offer or offering. This contrasts sharply with some of the evasive campaigns some of the other Social Media services offer, or ones we simply could care less.

Now I think there are many ways to cater via non-mail campaigns, but its the emails still work if done correctly. Of course if not done right then you lose also.