July 13, 2024

Ah Pinterest… what do you know about this brand new, well maybe not so brand new search engine/social media/dierctory… you get the idea. You may notice there is a Pinterest Board just to the right of this story. In fact it is on the right side of all the pages on this site. I am actually looking to see how to put different boards on different pages. I wanted to put one into an article but was not sure how updates to it worked.

Pinterest is very interesting in that it is really kind of a Google Image search, except that someone has set some categories and then plopped images in at their own selective process. You can say that image belongs somewhere else, but can’t really do much about it. You can like images, you can even repin images to your own boards. You can also include or pin videos, I have a few What’s My Line show guests pinned. Its quite interesting the growth of this site, and perhaps more is that an overwhelming number of the members are women. Nothing wrong with, just curious the attraction to all of this. Some say its a form of scrap booking which has traditionally been a female endeavor. Either way, some of the boards I have come across have a great amount content, variety and sheer number of images.

My boards are at http://pinterest.com/paulvalach/. enjoy, I add new images a few times a week…and generally will go on an add binge. And every now and then I add a new board, but now have a goal to have a set number of images on every board… or get rid of it. More on the management of Pinterest later…as there is definitely an art to this…and a way to market…..more later. #Pinterest #photograpny #social media.