June 24, 2024

So... care to comment?
So… care to comment?
Starting today the postings here will go through a slight change. Usually I find things, and if they are of interests or apply to those topics I like to post on or get involved in I repost but add my own commentary. Albeit sometime its just a few words. Starting today some of these posts will just be the clipping of the story. If I comment I may do so at the bottom of the page in the comments section. To tell these apart you will see the photo with me in the red hat and mike with posting on my own thoughts, those that are just posts will not have a logo of any kind for the moment although I am working on something. Also those posts that pertain to certain hot topics or regular such as Apple, Adobe and other popular will still get their logo. The whole idea of this blog is to get word on important news on a somewhat tightly grouped topic. The goal being to make things easier for you to make your business work. So enjoy, you will see many more posts now. I will also be grouping these sometime after the post into a few more categories. Enjoy.. thanks for reading.