July 13, 2024

photo_10Philanthropy is an interesting action in that the reward is for the masses with no gain for those taking part directly. There are many famous philanthropists and their organizations, many who have their name on it, do so many great things for the world or segments of the world its hard to place.

Mike Bloomberg, a wealthy fellow in his own right actually writes an annual letter towards the topic. Mike Bloomberg has held many positions of what many would call power and influence so the letter is a welcome sight and bring attention to needs.

This one sheds light on the premise that alone we don’t do as great a things as when we join forces. It also puts emphasis on time, and that sometimes it takes time to get everyone to play along, but boy when they do enormous things happen that benefit the entire world in this case.

Many people may think this game is only for the wealthy with a $B or multi $M net worth. Not so there are levels that everyone can play in, everyone can start a Foundation or Non-Profit. These can then converted as needed once more value is established. But the important take away is that it is started, and once funds are flowing someone who needs action gets it.

Bloomberg’s Letter is Letter of Philanthropy by MIke Bloomberg.