July 13, 2024

screen-of-an-iphoneEven though people are starting to not like to talk on the phone, through links, and direct clicks on smartphones calls are being made, and will in large abundance this year. Predicting a whopping 12 Billion calls according to BIA/Kelsey. This brings up the discussion of how do you answer your phone at your business. It doesn’t take much to annoy the caller these days. More on that later, in the mean time BIA/Kelsey continues:

People also want to call – and social media marketing on smartphones drive them to businesses. 12 billion calls will be driven to US businesses this year from mobile social media marketing, and this number is set to reach 36 billion by 2019. Can you track these calls back to social media and other digital channels like you can for clicks? (BIA/Kelsey)

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