Twitter Star for Friday, March 27, 2015 @TheCoffeeShop

Today’s Twitter Star is @TheCoffeeShop. @TheCoffeeShop tweets about, you guessed it, coffee. Not only that though, they also tweet about local coffeeshops around the world. They sometimes will feature a particular area of the country or type of coffee drink. Today’s coffee beverage has become a craft of sorts and baristas around the country hone their skills to not only make a tasty beverage but an artistic one.

They publish several coffee daily publications – The Grande Latte’ – Coffee Grounds Reports – The Cup o’ Joe Daily

Each has its own slant, but usually all mention some local coffeehouse for your pleasure.

A recent post showed a map of all the coffee chains around the country, an interesting look at the world of java.

A favorite Pinterest board of @theCofffeeShop is

Visit Coffee’s profile on Pinterest.

They frequently work with @aCoffeeGrinder and @TheLocalBar. All of these places serve up tasty beverages.

Grilled Cheese is Popular

My Pinterest has over 50 boards. Most at the top has about 1100 followers. I don’t add as often as I would like. When I do its in spurts, and one or two boards at a time. The most popular board is The Grilled Cheese one. It became very popular from the get go. The 33 pins there are the most popular grilled cheese recipes. There are new re-pins daily with little effort it seems. I’m in the process of trying  a few things out. In the meantime, enjoy the board..

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Google debuts updated Authorship program and adds embeddable posts, all using Google+ Sign-In

Google has unveiled some new programs to help users and creators better interact with the content found on its property. Starting today, it is leveraging its Google+ Sign-In technology to bolster its Authorship program.

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