The Font of Your Logo, Can Save You Money

So says NetFlix, thus making the change to theirs. The story is here.

Remember this is from a Ad Publication website so they really get into all the curves and shapes and thin lines of the whole thing. I recall when I taught about fonts at the colleges most folks did not know serif from sans-serif and which was easier to read. Today there are thousands of fonts, and a variety of Times and Helvetica two of the big time originals.

Also remember the days of needing to install any special font for the users to see. That’s also when systems began the blout as they came with new upgrades. Quite an interesting history and fun topic.

Bedtime on the iPhone

I have been using this app for about two months. It is great to be made aware of your bedtime, along with showing you how much sleep you will get if you go to bed “NOW”. You can setup easily how many hours of sleep you desire, the app does the rest. You have options on the way it waked you up also. I have nature sounds near a swamp. The first time it played I seriously thought a flock of birds were overhead. It was sort of timely as Canadian Geese have been flying overhead for the past month.

Here is the article, its all part of the new iOS.

Ah, Sleep and Music

screen-of-an-iphoneWe all love to fall asleep quickly to maximize that sleep time. The ability of the iPhone top play that soothing music us great. It’s great when our speakers can be utilized. More description is in the article.

Deleting Apps From the iPhone Can be Pesky

screen-of-an-iphoneInstalling apps on the iPhone is a easy as can be, and fun to do as each adds functionality to your iphone or iPad. Even those that provide entertainment in the game area. But sometimes you get apps that don’t like to be deleted or they leave behind traces of existence. Deletion of apps and files have always been a problem on any type of PC so this is nothing new, and the installs of apps and deletions leave behind “bits”, and those bits take up space.

These steps, outlined in this article will do just that. Have fun.

34 New Patents for Apple

appleTo stay on top of the tech game you need to protect your discoveries. Bill Gates started that idea a long time ago. At a time when people shared ideas, Billy was busy patenting. That lesson was learned by Apple when it lost its legal battle over Windows. Today Apple patents and protects with the best. And its also a look into the future of Apple products as you have to patent, or at least apply to protect new ideas from being stolen by the competition. From cable design, to the cover on the iPad to face recognition and more new things are on the way. This article goes into more depth.