20 Photo Apps for the iPhone

Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone
I posted this a while ago in another area but thought it be worth to repost it especially since I now have an iPhone 5 and can appreciate some of these even more. A few freebies here, but those that cost are well worth it. Camera+ and both Tilt Shift apps are some of my favorites. Also the FREE Photoshop from Adobe is a must.

Even if you don’t use some of these get them when they are cheaper or free, storage on iTunes has no cost and you never know when one of these effects will come in handy. There are other apps too that go along with all these, but that is for another post. I should also add that many of these Apps also work on the iPad which I use as a camera often also. Enjoy!

Round One – Intro to Google Analytics

Google Analytics..when I first heard that I thought wow, there must be so much and how am I ever going to get control of this tool. Well there are some steps, and some of these are out lined nicely here. It is quite interesting all that can be learned about or tracked from that one click on that link sitting out there on some webpage of some blog, or search result, or billboard. The question of where they came from, what they bought, if they bought and more are part of what you want to know as the owner of that site. You need know what campaigns you have launched are brining in customers who buy, or just ones who wander the site and leave. And if they do leave, it might be nice to know where they went to next. All of this is part of that initial setup. Quick article here: http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2152511/Beginners-Guide-to-Google-Analytics-What-to-Track

Old tricks for Macs

appleThis link says it all, has some great little short cuts and things that maybe you knew, but maybe forgot about….or will just learn and say wow…ENJOY

The article is here (http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/speed-up-an-old-mac-with-these-tricks-mac-os-x/)

Google Analytics – What and What Not it Says

The article in question, What-Google-Analytics-New-Social-Reports-Offer-What-They-Cant from searchenginewatch.com takes a good look at what all these repors that are generated really tell us. With all the “tools” and “resources” or “sources” which do what is the question.

There are many Social Network pieces, the article calls them sources. The most popular include Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, HootSuite, Blogger, TypePad, Slideshare, LinkedIN and a few others. Have you ever gone to the Animoto share button and seen where all you can post that video? But the reality is that these tools/resources are grouped together, classified by Google and so they tend to look at the traffic (what we want to know about) the same in many cases, when they really are not. A “tweet” is not a Facebook entry and is not a blogging post. Now we do, and this needs to also be addressed in a future post, like to write once and post to many, or as many different spots with one click. Let their system cut off things if its too long, as there will always be a link to get to the rest. Right? Well, guess that depends on what you want from the post.

The article goes into some details on conversions, as well as social values and how all of them are aligned. This also assumes you did some of that alignment with what your intent was. This has much to do with your type of business. This is where you need to look at the article as there are a few side links within to go into more details. The point here is a report, just like any in the past, needs some careful examination on what it is really saying. Enjoy.

One TB of Storage Now Available for Photos

flickrToday Flickr announced that it will be giving all of their subscribers ONE TB of storage. It also appears that it will come at no cost. Wow, 1TB that is a lot of space. I think that I can fill that and will start to dump of (upload) lots of older photos, but that was the intent of the last hard drive purchase…one for only photos…and it filled the 2TB capacity fast. The backup system stil not quite in place, as I considered some type of mirroring. Now this may be the solution or partial. With some good sorting and probably a pain in the rear indexing/keywording and more this will take some time….but a welcome item as many of the other Cloud solutions come up very short when it comes to solutions for photos. I have several 8GB compact flash cards, which means that after one shoot (I usually fill one and start on another) my solution to storage is to dump it all on one drive. The backup if done would be three DVDs and some major thought how to sort…even with Lightroom it is a mess. We will see how long this process takes there are well over 50,000 maybe more photos to be uploaded….still awesome news